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Gun Policy News, 9 August 2009


9 August 2009

Daily Nation (Nairobi)

NAIROBI — The government plans to extend the amnesty period for those willing to surrender weapons used during the post-election violence. The amnesty is to expire in two weeks but the ministry for Special Programmes said the period may be extended. Some 6,000 arrows and 11 guns have already been... (

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United States

9 August 2009

Washington Times

You can't find him unless you're looking for him. The man with a monopoly on transferring legal handguns to D.C. residents likes to keep a low profile. Charles W. Sykes Jr.'s business, CS Exchange Limited, does not advertise in the Yellow Pages. It does not have a Web site. It resides in an office on Good Hope Road in Southeast and has no identifying signs on its outside walls. The only way to get the company's phone number is to call the Metropolitan Police... (

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Canada,Mexico,United States

9 August 2009

Toronto Star (Ontario), Editorial

When Stephen Harper, Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon, the "three amigos" leading Canada, the United States and Mexico, saddle up for their summit in Guadalajara today and tomorrow, they will gallop through an agenda that has seldom been more rugged. From trade protectionism to climate change, swine flu and immigration issues, there will be scant time in the two-day meeting to pause for breath. But there's likely to be a glaring omission, one that is a matter of life... (

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9 August 2009

Central Chronicle (Bhopal)

BHOPAL — If you want peace prepare for war, is an old adage which appears to be applicable for Madhya Pradesh (MP) which has a reputation of being a peaceful State but the truth is contrary to this, there are 520 arms dealers' shops in the State. Thus getting armed acts as a deterrent to attack, which the citizens of MP are doing. Maximum arms shops are in Bhind whose number is 102. However, there are only 19 arms shops in State capital. There are 10 such districts... (

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United States,Mexico,Canada,Americas

9 August 2009

Washington Times

President Obama's call for the Senate to ratify a hemispheric small-firearms treaty dominated his last visit to Mexico, but in the four months since, both the treaty pledge and the drug violence that prompted it have dropped off the radar — a victim of Congress' full schedule and gun politics. That means on Sunday Mr. Obama will go with an empty hand to Mexico, which blames the U.S. for many of the weapons used by drug cartels that have violently thwarted a... (

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