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Gun Policy News, 4 August 2009

United States

4 August 2009

Washington Times

After years of losing, gun control advocates say this week's vote on confirming Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court will be their long-awaited win that shatters conventional wisdom and proves that the Second Amendment is no longer the unstoppable force of Washington politics. Proponents of gun control say the National Rifle Association (NRA) and similar groups have overreached. They point to a Senate vote last month blocking an effort to expand concealed-carry... (

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United States

4 August 2009

USA Today

Gun owners are packing heat in record numbers, fearful of stricter gun control under the Obama administration and higher crime in a sour economy. Some states and counties report a surge in applications for concealed weapons permits since the November election. All states but Illinois and Wisconsin allow concealed weapons, but requirements differ. Applications already have hit a record this year in Clay County, Mo., where the sheriff's office received 888 through June,... (

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4 August 2009

Republica (Kathmandu)

KATHMANDU — Some alarming findings have emerged in connection with the growing small arms menace in the capital Valley after a racket was busted at a shopping mall last week, police sources say. The group, from whom police extracted three pistols and 36 rounds of ammunition, has named some political leaders and cadres of student and youth wings as their clients, investigation officers tell The group is said to have mentioned the names of political... (

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United States

4 August 2009

Los Angeles Times

WASHINGTON — As the Senate begins debate today on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor with the outcome assured, the only remaining questions are whether the National Rifle Assn. can claim to have swayed votes against her and whether President Obama can claim a victory for bipartisanship. For the first time, the NRA has weighed in against a Supreme Court nominee, urging senators to vote "no" on Sotomayor. So far, however, eight of the 36 senators who won... (

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United Kingdom

4 August 2009

BBC News

There has been a rise of more than 50% in the use of shotguns in crimes in London, Metropolitan Police has said. There were 165 crimes when a shotgun was used, but not necessarily discharged, between January and July this year, 57% up from last year. Among the offences were a murder, burglaries, robberies, several car-jackings and a wanted man shooting at police officers. The Met has asked licensed owners to store the weapons securely. Forty-five shotguns have... (

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4 August 2009

Radio Jamaica

Investigators are probing the disappearance of another firearm from a police station. RJR News understands that a constable attached to the Clarendon Police was taken into custody Monday after a high powered weapon, which was being kept at the station, disappeared. Police sources in Clarendon told the RJR News Centre the constable has been linked to the disappearance of a Glock pistol a month ago. It is reported that the firearm was discovered missing during an... (

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