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Gun Policy News, 28 January 2009

United States

28 January 2009

Sydney Morning Herald / AFP

A man who is believed to have shot dead his wife and five children before killing himself had faxed a two-page warning letter to a television newsroom minutes before the shooting, Los Angeles police say. The man called local television channel KABC 7 on Tuesday morning and then faxed through a letter saying he had lost his job and was going to kill himself, his wife, and five young children. At the same time, Los Angeles police said they received a call from a man who... (

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28 January 2009

Times of India

The gunrunners held from Malda on Saturday night could have a nexus with some employees of the ordnance factories, say police. There were five sophisticated rifles manufactured by Indian Ordnance Factory in the huge haul unearthed in Kolkata's Baguiati. CID officers have informed the top brass of ordnance factories to examine the weapons seized on Sunday night. Apart from 25 guns, including five rifles, police found over 6,000 rounds of ammunition, three pen pistols... (

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28 January 2009

Indian Express

KOLKATA — Two days after the recovery of a huge cache of sophisticated weapons from a Baguihati house, the CID suspects involvement of ordnance factories' employees in the case. The CID has asked top officials of ordinance factories to examine the weapons seized during the Baguiati raid on Sunday night. The police had recovered nearly 25 types of firearms including five rifles and eight fake gun licences from an inter-state arms smuggling gang. Further... (

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United States

28 January 2009

Florida Trend

MIAMI — It was a tough day for Victor Bean. Typically, a weekend in September would find 3,300 people at his Victor Bean Southern Classic Gun and Knife Show in Miami. But the threat of a hurricane had people in line at Home Depot and Publix, making for a very slow day for Bean, a friendly 49 year old. "When things are slow, we joke, 'Where's Bill Clinton when you need him?' " Many a true word spoken in jest. Two months later, Barack Obama won the presidency, and... (

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United States

28 January 2009

Oregonian (Portland), Opinion

Erik Ayala legally purchased his handgun, and in a nation that insists on easy access to guns, the laws will not change Milwaukie's 99 Pawn & Guns is a most unlikely place to find answers to life's questions. Yet here we are, peering at all the guns behind the counter and wondering: Is this where you stop a disturbed young man from opening fire on a happy group of teens on a Portland street? After all, this is where Erik Ayala acquired the 9 mm, semiautomatic... (

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28 January 2009

New Vision (Kampala)

KAMPALA — A total of 166 Karimojong warriors and 13 UPDF soldiers lost their lives during the disarmament exercise in the Karamoja sub-region last year. According to the UPDF 3rd Division annual report, the cordon-and-search operation recovered 2,430 sub-machine guns, 36 hand grenades, three pistols and 11,630 rounds of ammunition. Speaking to The New Vision, the division spokesman, Lt. Caesar Olweny, said 146 warriors were convicted by the division court martial... (

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