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Gun Policy News, 25 January 2009


25 January 2009

Sunday Times (UK)

"It's new and has never been used. It's a clean gun," said the underworld arms dealer, as he handled the .357 Magnum revolver that he was offering to sell. "This baby will set you back a few grand. If you want something different or more powerful, I can get you an AK-47, or a machine-gun pistol, but it will take time. There are a few AKs knocking about, but these will cost more and attract a lot of attention if found by the police." The asking price for the... (

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United States

25 January 2009

Newsday (New York)

By dawn, the line of people turning in guns at the Uniondale church was snaking out the door. It was Nassau's first gun buyback in 20 years, and by the end of that December day, police had taken in 424 handguns and shotguns at four churches — such an unexpectedly large number that they burned through the $50,000 officials had allocated and had to issue IOUs. A gun buyback in Suffolk the same weekend also far surpassed expectations, and in both counties law... (

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United States

25 January 2009

Roanoke Times (Virginia)

RICHMOND — Gun-rights advocates from around the state rallied on the frigid grounds of Capitol Square on Monday, most wearing orange stickers that read: "Guns Save Lives." They gathered to demonstrate their opposition to new gun-control laws and their support for easing certain restrictions on Virginians with concealed carry permits. Among other things, rally leaders vowed to fight legislation that would require criminal background checks for all firearms sales at... (

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United States

25 January 2009

Daily News (New York)

He helped cops get more than 27 illegal guns off the streets as a confidential informant, and got an award and $5,700 for his efforts. But Russell Hicks claimed the NYPD stiffed him of thousands of dollars in gun-buy payments. Hicks' complaints, cops said, are common in the murky world of police informants, where criminals, prostitutes and junkies often make a few bucks by turning on their own. Hicks, though, does not fit the stereotype of a police informant. He's... (

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