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Gun Policy News, 22 January 2009

United States

22 January 2009

Opposing Views (USA), Web Page

The presidential campaign of Barack Obama was largely viewed as grounds for hope from gun control activists and cause for concern from gun rights advocates. Several news outlets even reported that guns sales had increased sharply in anticipation of firearm restrictions once Obama took office, with CNN saying that gun sales had more than doubled in some states. Until now President Obama's plans for gun control were conjecture, but his administration took a relatively... (

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22 January 2009

LCN Montréal (Quebec)

[Translated summary]: Acquitted of killing Laval Police officer Daniel Tessier during a police raid on his home, licensed gun owner Basil Parasiris returns to court today to face eight illegal firearm possession and unsafe firearms storage charges]. Basil Parasiris est de retour en cour aujourd'hui. L'homme de 42 ans, qui avait été acquitté en juin dernier du meurtre de l'agent Daniel Tessier, doit maintenant faire face à huit accusations de possession illégale... (

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22 January 2009

Strategy Page (USA), Web Page

Afghan traditionalists are changing the way the Taliban fight. This can be seen by the increase in the use of sniping by the Taliban. In the last year, NATO units in southern Afghanistan estimate there has been a 25 percent increase in sniping incidents. This is not seen as a major danger. NATO troops wear protective bests and helmets that can stop bullets fired at long range, making it very frustrating for the Taliban shooters trying to hit a distant target in a... (

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22 January 2009

CBC News (Canada)

A Quebec man acquitted of slaying a police officer during a house raid has pleaded guilty to several related weapons charges. Basil Parasiris faces up to 20 months in prison after pleading guilty to eight gun charges in a Quebec court Thursday. He was charged with possessing and storing illegal weapons in his Montreal South Shore home where he shot and killed Laval police officer Daniel Tessier in March 2007 during a botched pre-dawn raid. The Crown prosecutor and... (

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22 January 2009

El Colombiano (Medellín)

[Translated summary: A 44-day ban on gun carrying in Medellín was followed by a 23% reduction in homicide and 37 fewer deaths, according to the Governmental Secretariat.] En 44 días de vigencia inicial, la medida redujo en un 22,8 por ciento la tasa de asesinatos en Medellín. Con este argumento y el de que se necesita de un periodo más largo para evaluar el impacto, se amplió a tres meses más. La restricción de armas en Medellín durante 44 días permitió la... (

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United States

22 January 2009

Bozeman Daily Chronicle (Montana)

HELENA — At a marathon hearing Thursday, backers and opponents of a bill to expand gun rights in Montana painted distinctly different pictures of the state and its gun laws. Proponents of House Bill 228 said gun owners in Montana are now held captive by gray areas in Montana statute that could lead to them being prosecuted for defending themselves with their firearm, or even displaying a pistol to deter would-be attackers. But opponents said the laws already on the... (

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