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Gun Policy News, 27 November 2008

United States

27 November 2008

Boston Globe, Opinion

With the historic election of Barack Obama, the nation finally has an opportunity to enact sensible national gun policy. Obama should look to big cities, especially Boston, for guidance. Big-city mayors know all too well the devastating impact a failed national gun policy has had on people living in urban America. Most of the 83 Americans who die every day from gun violence live in cities. The average annual US death toll from guns is 34,000 Americans. Comparatively,... (

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27 November 2008

New Straits Times (Malaysia) / Bernama

SUNGAI BULOH — A policeman who brought home his service pistol, which resulted his 15-year-old son allegedly shooting his mother, did not contravene procedures. Deputy Gombak police chief Superintendent Rosly Hassan said as a detective sergeant in the crimes division, the policeman was permitted to take his gun home. "His action (in taking the gun home) was not wrong. Any action to be taken against the policeman would depend on the police disciplinary board," he... (

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27 November 2008

United News of India

MYANMAR SHILLONG — Security agencies have expressed concern on the increasing number of illegal arms markets in Bangladesh and Myanmar, a top official said today. "The arms markets in both countries have been thriving with the proliferation of new arms and explosives in China after Beijing's decision to dispose of obsolete weapons. Not only in Bangladesh and Myanmar, but these illegal arms market are also flourishing in China, Thailand and Cambodia," Intelligence... (

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United States

27 November 2008


FRANCONIA, New Hampshire — The dense woods of northern New England are crackling these chilly November days with the sound of rifle shots: the deer-hunting season opened in mid-month and is in full swing. But the camouflaged shooters are not roaming the forests quite as they did in the past. In (non-native) America's oldest hunting grounds, the sport is in slow decline. In Vermont the number of hunting licences sold has dropped 12% over the past ten years. In New... (

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Mexico,United States

27 November 2008

Federal Government, United States of Mexico, Fact Sheet

How does arms trafficking operate in Mexico? According to the legal definition, arms trafficking consists of illegally bringing into the country weapons, ammunition, cartridges, explosives or materials that are reserved exclusively for use by the Army, Navy or Air Force, or that are subject to controls. This regulation is explicit in article 84 of the Federal Firearms and Explosives Act (Ley Federal de Armas de Fuego y Explosivos). Based on investigations carried out... (

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