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Gun Policy News, 22 August 2008

South Africa

22 August 2008

Business Day (Johannesburg)

CAPE TOWN — The national arms control watchdog had offered no compelling reasons for its reporting responsibilities to Parliament to be reduced, MPs told the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) secretariat yesterday. Discussions in Parliament's defence committee yesterday centred on the NCACC Amendment Bill which suggests that the obligation of the committee to report to Parliament each quarter on weapons transfers should be scrapped. In public... (

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United States

22 August 2008

Mother Jones (USA) / MojoBlog, Blog

Earlier this week, ABC News reported that the McCain campaign was seeking to distance itself from adviser James Jay Baker, a onetime NRA official and current lobbyist for the gun rights group, who is reportedly a member of McCain's "kitchen cabinet." Questioned by ABC, the campaign played down his involvement, describing him as a "high level volunteer." It stands to reason why the campaign would want to draw a wide berth around Baker. Until 2002, Baker was the... (

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West Africa,Ghana

22 August 2008

Statesman (Accra), Editorial

Last Wednesday a review/planning meeting of the OXFAM (a British international non-governmental organisation) West Africa Control Arms Programme was held in Accra among some Anglophone and Francophone countries within the sub-region. The main objectives of the meeting were to review progress made so far in the sustained crusade against the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in West Africa, and device strategies to move the campaign further so that civil... (

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United States

22 August 2008

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)

Guns-rights advocates want to change a state firearms law that they say has a racist past. But black lawmakers say those advocates are using the story of a Reconstruction-era massacre of African-Americans to justify letting Georgians tote weapons in churches and other public places. Next month is the 140th anniversary of the Camilla Massacre, when a group largely made up of blacks heading to a Southwest Georgia Republican political rally were shot up by white locals... (

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United States

22 August 2008

Associated Press

NEW YORK — Managers at the Bob Moates Sport Shop were spoiling for a fight when they found out New York City was suing the Virginia store over the way it sold firearms. Workers hung Mayor Michael Bloomberg's photo on a shotgun rack over the words "our worst enemy." The Midlothian, Va., shop, decorated with Confederate flags, mockingly held a "Bloomberg Gun Giveaway" to finance its legal defense. One manager called the mayor "an idiot." Two years later, the case... (

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Ghana,West Africa

22 August 2008

Statesman (Accra)

It has been reiterated once again that what the people of Ghana want, and are struggling hard to achieve, is development and not conflicts. Besides this, the country is also concerned about promoting safety and the well-being of her populace, while increasing her investment inflows and foreign direct investment. The Minister of State at the Ministry of the Interior, Nana Obiri Boahen, made these observations in a speech read on his behalf Wednesday by Romeo Adu-Tutu,... (

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