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Gun Policy News, 16 August 2008

United States

16 August 2008

Connecticut Post

When Bridgeport resident Ron Pinciaro met Mary McFate in June 2001 at a dinner with other gun control advocates, he had no reason to doubt her credentials. McFate, a redhead then in her mid-50s, was a board member of Ceasefire Pennsylvania and seemed eager to join in any effort to limit gun ownership and was always interested in being kept up to date on whatever the groups were doing. "I would go down three or four times a year to lobby and on occasions a few of the... (

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United States

16 August 2008

Central Florida TV News

TALLAHASSEE — Walt Disney World's claim that its theme parks and resort are exempt from Florida's new Guns to Work law has the backing of the State Attorney General. Disney issued a new policy Friday after discussions with Tallahassee. The new policy allows guns at about a half dozen more off-site Disney properties, which are under the guidelines of the law. The person must have a concealed weapons permit, and the weapon must remain out of site, in the vehicle, and... (

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16 August 2008

Ghana News Agency

The Deputy Minister of the Interior, Mr Kobina Tahil Hammond, has appealed to personnel of the Ghana Immigration Service to be vigilant and devise measures to enhance their border patrol activities in order to apprehend smugglers of small arms and light weapons into the country. He said there are at least 220,000 small arms in civilian hands and this does not arguer well for the security of the nation, particularly this election year and noted with concern the... (

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United States

16 August 2008

Boston Globe, Opinion

A dangerous "gun show loophole" continues to allow criminals and terrorists to legally buy and sell guns in the United States on a cash-and-carry, no-questions-asked basis. At approximately 5,000 gun shows each year in 32 states, criminals and terrorists are allowed to purchase firearms from private gun dealers without an ID or background check. Although many gun dealers are federally licensed and therefore legally required to contact the National Instant Criminal... (

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United States

16 August 2008

Chicago Tribune

Few presidential candidates in modern times have been identified with a large urban area like Barack Obama is with Chicago. And sometimes, that can present a problem. This election season, for instance, the residents of Obama's hometown are being murdered at a clip not seen in five years. Murders have risen 18 percent over a year ago. Assaults in the city involving guns are also rising. City officials, Police Supt. Jody Weis and the police force are increasingly... (

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United States,Afghanistan,China,Albania

16 August 2008

New Zealand Herald

When historians assess the Bush Administration's scandals, there is one that — even by the era's exacting standards — will amaze with its sheer chutzpah. The figure in the spotlight is Efraim Diveroli, 22. His Miami-Dade Police Department mug shot depicts a rather dazed, tussle-haired youth who looks like he might have spent a night clubbing. Instead, as the beneficiary of a US$298 million ($426 million) United States Army contract, Diveroli, president of Miami... (

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United States

16 August 2008

Star-Ledger (New Jersey), Editorial

One day before 15-year-old Bukhari Washington of Newark was killed while sleeping in his bed, shot in the back of the head with an illegal assault rifle fired in the apartment one floor below, two men surrendered to authorities on charges that they stole 146 pistols and were selling them on the streets of Jersey City. In one case, a promising young life snuffed out for no reason. In another, dozens and dozens of handguns loosed upon the streets, some of which cops say... (

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