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Gun Policy News, 6 August 2008

United States

6 August 2008

Guardian (UK)

NEW YORK — Campaigners for tougher controls on guns in the US are reeling from the allegation that a prominent member of the movement for more than a decade was a spy working for the powerful pro-gun lobby the National Rifle Association. Mary Lou McFate sat on the board of two groups campaigning for greater controls, and tried to become a director of the national umbrella group of the movement, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. She was also linked with the... (

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United States

6 August 2008

Bourne Courier (Massachusetts), Column

CAPE COD — Last week police confiscated a small arsenal of illegal guns, ammunition and other assorted weapons from the Marstons Mills home of Kenneth Webster. On July 1 police also removed several guns and knives that had been on his person and in his car. In total, more than 50 weapons were taken from Webster including a sawed-off shotgun, an M14 automatic rifle and a sniper rifle. When he was arrested on July 1 Webster reportedly told police that he had a... (

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6 August 2008

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — China has been the "most egregious violator" of a worldwide arms embargo, providing Sudan with the vast majority of its small arms and weapons used for mass murder in Darfur province, a private study group is charging. The arms and also political support are being swapped for access to the African country's oil reserves, according to a report issued on the eve of the Summer Olympics in Beijing. A copy of the report, due to be released on Wednesday, was... (

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United States

6 August 2008

Times-Union (Florida)

In most classes, the teacher doesn't point a gun. But none of the almost 40 people in a bunker-like back room of the Jacksonville Expo Center at the Fairgrounds even raised an eyebrow when Charlie Berrane calmly aimed and sighted a revolver. The firearms instructor worked his way methodically through safety tips as he explained the correct way to hold the pistol and squeeze the trigger. "Do you know the story about the man who brought a knife to a gun fight?"... (

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United States

6 August 2008

Salon (USA), Blog

It had seemed as if the landmark decision on the Second Amendment that the Supreme Court handed down earlier this year might, paradoxically, end up hurting the National Rifle Association. The ruling itself was a victory for anti-gun-control forces, as the court found that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to bear arms. But in the process, the NRA's traditional scare tactic — dire warnings about gun-grabbing liberals — seemed to have been crippled, if... (

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United States

6 August 2008

Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St Paul)

A 3-year-old boy from Nerstrand, Minnesota, died Tuesday after being accidentally shot in the head by his 6-year-old sister, who was playing with a handgun, according to the Rice County Sheriff's Office. The Rice County Sheriff's office today identified the boy as Anthony Brastad. His sister, Lisa Brastad, was handling a loaded, unlocked .357-Magnum revolver that the two children had found in an unlocked night stand in the upstairs bedroom of their home, said Rice... (

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United States

6 August 2008

Washington Post / Raw Fisher, Blog

The first question on my first Raw Fisher posting, was "How are you on guns?" I had declared independence from my colleage and idol Marc Fisher on dogs, cats and taxi meters, and this commenter was trying to find some air between us on the Second Amendment Fair enough. Guns are always good for some civil and measured discourse. So on a week when Congressional Democrats find themselves unable to keep their pandering paws off the District's registration laws, herewith... (

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6 August 2008

Daily Liberal (Dubbo)

An increase in the number of firearms seized because owners have failed to renew their licences on time has prompted police to remind residents to check the expiration dates. The term of a licence is generally five years and it is the licensees' responsibility to ensure they renew on time, police said. If a renewal notification is not received before the expiration date, the Firearms Registry should be contacted. Police also said that firearms should be disposed of... (

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6 August 2008

O Estado de São Paulo / AE

[Translated summary: A study from the São Paulo Public Security Secretary shows a direct correlation between the reduction of guns in circulation and the dramatic decrease in homicides in the state this decade]. SÃO PAULO — Estudo feito pela Secretaria da Segurança Pública mostra uma correlação direta entre a redução da circulação das armas de fogo e a diminuição dos homicídios nas 99 cidades do Estado que registram mais de 20 casos por ano em 2001. Os... (

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United Nations,China,Sudan,Zimbabwe,Myanmar

6 August 2008

Inter Press Service News Agency

UNITED NATIONS — As China tries to boost its international image, playing host to a summer Olympic games, the government in Beijing is being singled out as a key arms supplier to some of the world's worst human rights abusers, according to a new study released here. Although China controls only 2 percent of the global arms market, Beijing's impact "is measured less by the value of its sales than by the character of its clients," says William D. Hartung, director of... (

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