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Gun Policy News, 25 June 2008

United States,Afghanistan

25 June 2008

New York Times

WASHINGTON — When the Army last year awarded a contract worth up to nearly $300 million to a tiny Miami Beach munitions dealer to supply ammunition to Afghanistan's security forces, it overlooked a very checkered past. A Congressional committee revealed Tuesday that by the time the Army awarded the bid, State and Defense Department officials had canceled or delayed at least six earlier contracts with the company, AEY Inc., for poor quality or late deliveries. But... (

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United States,United Nations

25 June 2008

SCOTUSBlog (Washington DC), Blog

At the close of Wednesday's public session, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., announced that the Court will issue all remaining decisions for the Term at 10 a.m. Thursday. The test case on whether the Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a gun is among those remaining (District of Columbia v. Heller, 07-290). For instant analysis, live from the Supreme Court, go to:... (

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United States

25 June 2008

National Post (Toronto), Opinion

Banning handguns is all the rage. Mayor David Miller's push for a national ban has been joined by other Canadian big-city mayors. Yet, dissatisfied with progress at the national level, Miller successfully asked city council this week to approve measures to further discourage gun ownership in Toronto, such as shutting down city-owned gun ranges. While it may seem obvious to many people that banning handguns will save lives and cut crime, the experience in the United... (

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United States

25 June 2008

Agence France Presse

WASHINGTON — The US Supreme Court was expected to rule Thursday for the first time in seven decades on the highly emotional issue of the constitutional right to bear arms. The court's decision — on whether the right to keep and bear arms is fundamentally an individual or collective right — is expected to have a far reaching impact on US gun control laws, experts say. The high court has never before issued a ruling on the interpretation of the second amendment to... (

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United States

25 June 2008

BBC News

A man who opened fire on colleagues at a plastics factory in Kentucky warned his girlfriend two hours before that he would kill his boss, police said. Wesley Higdon, 25, shot dead five fellow workers and injured another before turning the handgun on himself. He opened fire at the Atlantis Plastics factory in Henderson city after arguing with a male supervisor. Higdon killed his 30-year-old supervisor, two other male workers and two females, police told the BBC.... (

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United States

25 June 2008

Times-Union (Florida) / AP

TALLAHASSEE, Florida — A new Florida law intended to prohibit public and private employers alike from banning guns locked inside cars in their parking lots is so badly written it's "stupid," a federal judge declared Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle declined, however, to rule on a request for a preliminary injunction before the law takes effect next Tuesday. Hinkle said he needed more time to study the issue and doubted two business groups challenging the... (

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United States

25 June 2008

WHNS - TV News (South Carolina)

GREER, South Carolina — Police said they found an arsenal of weapons inside a Greer man's home after he pointed a gun at his neighbors. Police arrested William Delamar after they received a call about him pointing a .45 caliber handgun at his neighbors because they blocked his driveway. Police said when they went inside Delamar's home they found several weapons including M-16s and a .50 caliber gun, all of which were military style weapons. Delamar told police he... (

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