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Gun Policy News, 21 June 2008

United States

21 June 2008

Washington Post

An alarm went off one night at Potowmack Elementary School in Sterling, and a surveillance camera recorded the scene: five intruders in masks and hoods darting through hallways and corridors, their assault rifles pointed. In minutes, sheriff's deputies arrived, their own guns loaded and drawn. Only after the gunmen were taken into custody did deputies discover that the assault rifles were replicas — so-called "airsoft" guns that shoot lightweight plastic BBs — and... (

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United States,Afghanistan

21 June 2008

New York Times

WASHINGTON — The 22-year-old president of a Miami Beach arms-dealing company and three other people were charged Friday with selling prohibited Chinese ammunition to the Pentagon to supply Afghan security forces, federal officials said. A federal grand jury in Miami indicted the munitions dealer, Efraim E. Diveroli, president of AEY Inc., as well as two former employees and a business associate, on charges of fraud and conspiring to misrepresent the types of... (

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21 June 2008

International Herald Tribune / AP

ANKARA, Turkey — At least 23 people across Turkey were wounded by stray bullets following the firing of shots across the country to celebrate the win over Croatia in the European Championship quarterfinals. Governor Muammer Guler said Saturday that 11 people were accidentally shot in Istanbul, the country's largest city where all night festivities were the wildest. Twelve other people, including a 10-year-old girl and an elderly woman, were wounded by ricocheting... (

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United States

21 June 2008

BBC News

Rapper 50 Cent has been told by a New York judge to surrender any guns he might have after an ex-girlfriend obtained a restraining order. The order bars the performer, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, from contacting Shaniqua Tompkins without the court's permission. Ms Tompkins is the mother of Mr Jackson's 10-year-old son. Mr Jackson's lawyer, Brett Kimmel, said he would contest the order. "To my knowledge, he has no guns," he said. Ms Tompkins has been... (

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