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Gun Policy News, 17 June 2008


17 June 2008

ABC News (Australia)

The Shooters Party has defended its push to allow minors as young as 12 to use high-calibre handguns in shooting competitions. The proposal is contained in a draft bill that is before the New South Wales Upper House. Under the current laws, juniors can only use low-calibre firearms in supervised shooting competitions. The National Coalition for Gun Control says the bill aims to drastically water down the state's gun laws, which were tightened in the wake of the Port... (

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United States

17 June 2008

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)

A radio reporter for KDKA was arrested yesterday morning and accused of trying to take a loaded handgun into the Allegheny County Courthouse. The county sheriff's office said reporter Rob Milford was stopped at 9:25 a.m. after a .38-caliber snub-nosed revolver was found in his briefcase at a courthouse screening station. Sheriff William P. Mullen said Mr. Milford told officers he didn't realize he had put his gun in his briefcase. Mr. Mullen said the gun was not... (

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17 June 2008

Toronto Sun (Ontario)

A handgun ban isn't the answer to Toronto's gun violence, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day insists. "Studies in a variety of jurisdictions around the world show that if you want to see gun crime reduced you've got to go after the criminals," Day said during a press conference at Polson Pier yesterday. He said a Canada-wide handgun ban would divert limited police resources to "going after innocent firearm owners." Day's comments come after a weekend of gun... (

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New Zealand

17 June 2008

Radio New Zealand

Arming police patrols as a matter of routine would be a significant development for New Zealand, says Prime Minister Helen Clark. A proposal for armed patrols in Auckland has been given extra impetus after the fatal shooting of a Manurewa liquor store owner on 7 June. The proposal could result in officers carrying Glock pistols and Bushmaster rifles. Miss Clark says police are not advocating that street patrols be routinely armed, but want the ability to have what she... (

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United States

17 June 2008

ABC News (USA)

A teenager is expected to plead not guilty today to charges that he shot and killed a 10-year-old girl with a "community gun" that he allegedly claims was shared by "everyone in the neighborhood." Kathina Thomas was killed late last month after a stray bullet, allegedly fired by 15-year-old Jermayne Timmons, struck her in the back. The crime has shocked the city of Albany and prompted law enforcement to ramp up a crackdown on so-called community guns — weapons that... (

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17 June 2008

Prince George Citizen (British Columbia)

A man has been charged with more than 200 criminal offences after RCMP pulled over a vehicle containing 29 guns. RCMP said the man was heading through the Prince George area Friday after a major gun theft from a store in Fort St. John and was on his way to organized crime contacts in the Lower Mainland. Mounties caught up with him in Williams Lake. "If those guns had made it to the street, who knows how they might have been used, but it wouldn't be for target sport... (

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Papua New Guinea

17 June 2008

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Worries have been raised over the delay in the tabling of the guns control report in Parliament. Speaking to reporters in Madang yesterday development practitioner of the fraud and corruption activity management team John Toguata said while the guns control report had been completed in 2006, and a copy of the report given to the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, it had yet to be tabled. Mr Toguata said the police review had been conducted at about the same time as... (

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