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Gun Policy News, 16 June 2008

United States,Thailand,Russia

16 June 2008

Sydney Morning Herald

The Cold War has broken out again, and Thailand suddenly finds itself caught uncomfortably in the middle of competing US and Russian interests. At the centre of the conflict is the alleged Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who was arrested on March 6 in Thailand and is in detention in Bangkok. The US wants Bout extradited to stand trial in New York, where he has faces charges of conspiracy to provide weapons to a foreign terrorist organisation. Russian interests, on the... (

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United States

16 June 2008

Boston Globe, Column

Imagine a child barely tall enough to reach the top drawer of the bedroom dresser. Imagine the child on tip-toes opening the drawer because the forbidden object is hidden there. The naughty thrill of reaching under the socks, the shock of actually touching the thing, finding it cold, as if on ice. Such is my memory of furtive encounters with my father's handgun. At the time, Dad was an FBI agent. Where he stowed his weapon when off-duty was absolutely out-of-bounds,... (

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16 June 2008

Deutsche Presse-Agentur

SANA'A, Yemen — Yemen's Interior Ministry has embarked on a campaign to close weapons markets across the Arab state to curb the spread of unlicensed weapons, a ministry source said on Monday. 'All weapons shops and markets will be closed and their dealers will be arrested,' the source said in remarks carried by the official media. He said the crackdown would affect 12 main weapons markets and nearly 300 light weapon shops that operate openly throughout the... (

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United States

16 June 2008

White County News (Georgia)

Smoky Mountain Trader in Cleveland is being investigated for possible illegal guns sales. The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) served a search warrant at the business, located at 18 W. Jarrard Street on the square in Cleveland, at 10 a.m. Friday, June 13. The store remains open for business. Cleveland Police Chief John Foster said he received a phone call from ATF Agent Pete Beck Friday morning. "[Beck] said he was going to serve the federal search... (

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16 June 2008

Namibian (Windhoek)

WINDHOEK — Civil society's aim to get guns out of public places gained another ally on Friday when the Katutura-based Namibia Primary School declared itself a gun-free zone. The school joined a number of other educational institutions, clinics, businesses and shebeens who, since September last year, have become part of the Namibia NGO Forum (Nangof)'s initiative 'Towards a Gun-Free Namibia'. While the presentation of the message preached at the event may have... (

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United States,Mexico

16 June 2008

Portfolio (USA), July Issue

The U.S. has pledged more than $1 billion to help Mexico win its war on drugs. But even as the body count rises above 10,000, most of the guns that do the killing — Colt .38 Supers and big-bore Barrett rifles among them — keep pouring in from the U.S. Alfredo Beltrán Leyva was arrested on January 21 in Culiacán, capital of the Mexican state of Sinaloa. The circumstances of his arrest lived up to his high standing in Mexico's criminal underground, caught, as he... (

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