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Gun Policy News, 14 June 2008

United States

14 June 2008

Newsweek (USA) / Health Matters

There's nothing simple about gun control, a tangle of legal, political and public-health issues complicated by cultural preferences and regional biases. Passions run high on all sides. Lifelong hunters who grew up with firearms, urban victims of gun violence, Second Amendment scholars, NRA lobbyists, chiefs of police — they've all got cases to make and they make them well, often contentiously. For the past 15 years, much of the debate has centered on the... (

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New Zealand

14 June 2008

TVNZ One News

Armed police units may be patrolling some of New Zealand's most dangerous streets by the middle of next year. A spate of violent crime has forced police to reconsider its policy of being generally unarmed. Designed to stop people in their tracks, police are considering using tasers and increasing the use of existing firearms to hit back at criminals on high risk Auckland streets. Police have been looking at alternative ways to respond to emergencies since January.... (

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United States

14 June 2008

Toronto Star (Ontario)

As Mayor David Miller and provincial leaders urge Ottawa to outlaw handguns, Americans are waiting to see if the United States Supreme Court will shoot down one of that country's strictest gun control laws. The court is expected to deliver its judgment this month in the case known as Columbia v. Heller, which challenges the District of Columbia's ban on private handgun possession. At the forefront of the challenge are six individuals, including Dick Heller, 67, a... (

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United States

14 June 2008

Los Angeles Times

WASHINGTON — Eight years after a national debate over gun control helped keep Democrat Al Gore out of the White House, the National Rifle Assn. and its Republican allies are launching a new campaign to defeat Barack Obama. But this time, the issue that GOP strategists once relied on to provide crucial votes in close elections has lost much of its political punch. Congress hasn't passed major legislation to restrict gun use in 14 years. Democrats — scarred by past... (

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United States

14 June 2008

Sydney Morning Herald

NEW YORK — One month after the Californian Supreme Court made gay marriage a potential presidential election issue by legalising same-sex unions, the US Supreme Court may be about to do the same for gun laws. Not since 1939 has the court considered the meaning of the contentious Second Amendment to the Constitution, which pro-gun activists claim confers on Americans the right to bear arms. Gun-control advocates, working from the same script — "A well-regulated... (

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14 June 2008

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

TORONTO — It was just after midnight yesterday when Alan Dudeck's cellphone rang, bearing the worst tidings a parent could hear: His son, Oliver Martin, and his son's lifelong friend Dylan Ellis had just been shot. The two young men had been heading home from a friend's apartment after watching a basketball game, and the frantic call came from a close friend of Mr. Martin. "He said, 'Get down to St. Mike's [hospital] right away,' " Mr. Dudeck recounted. Mr. Martin... (

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