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Gun Policy News, 13 June 2008

United States

13 June 2008

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)

Morgan Jones, said to be the captain of a local militia group, had a creative streak about him. At his property in Lucinda, Clarion County, the 64-year-old man hosted what were called "flamethrower parties." He fashioned a device only 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide that could shoot a flame 40 feet. But he also had a homemade cannon, made out of a vehicle's drive shaft, that he used to fire gasoline-filled beer cans; and what he called a lightning machine, which was... (

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United States

13 June 2008

CNN / Behind the Scenes

CHANTILLY, Virginia — I'm at the Blue Ridge Arsenal in Chantilly, Virginia, the biggest gun store in northern Virginia. I'm looking at a holster on the hip of Arsenal's John Summer in which a black .22-caliber Glock pistol sits snugly. I didn't notice it before because Summer is wearing a large plaid shirt, not tucked in, covering his navy blue polo shirt. But he sweeps the big shirt back and tells me, "I've been to 7-Eleven, Starbucks — you can go to Applebee's... (

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