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Gun Policy News, 10 June 2008


10 June 2008

Post (Pakistan)

PESHAWAR — Concerned at the increasing number of fatalities by small arms, speakers at a workshop stressed the need to raise awareness about the threat to life posed by small arms and asked the government to regulate the inflow and use of firearms in Pakistan. There are about 20 million small arms in Pakistan, making it the country with the highest per capita guns in the world, the speakers observed. They said that an estimated 75 million firearms are stocked in... (

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10 June 2008

News (Karachi)

PESHAWAR — Highlighting case of Pakistan Raza Shah Khan, executive director of Sustainable Peace and Development Organisation (Spado) claimed that the problem of arms proliferation in the region was the result of Afghanistan war wherein the US provided about $2 billion in arms aid. "We had the greatest number of guns per capita in the world," he told a seminar, jointly organised by Spado, Community Appraisal and Motivation Programme (Camp) and International Action... (

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United States

10 June 2008

Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh), Column

Before classes adjourned for the academic year, students at the University of Pittsburgh squared off over whether guns should be legally carried on campus. Although the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus have yet to convince lawmakers to allow them to pack .45s alongside their copies of Roget's Thesaurus, I hear the pro-gunplay group plans a major offensive aimed — pardon the pun — at overturning the campus anti-gun policy. With that in mind, we'd like to... (

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United States

10 June 2008

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, South Carolina — A 4-year-old girl shot herself in the chest Monday after snatching her grandmother's handgun from the woman's purse while riding in a shopping cart at a Sam's Club store, authorities said. A witness, Lueen Homewood, said store workers grabbed first-aid materials off store shelves to help the grandmother as she cradled the wounded child near the store's pharmacy, The (Columbia) State newspaper reported on its Web site. The girl was rushed... (

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New Zealand

10 June 2008

ABC News (Australia)

The death of an Indian shop owner during an armed robbery in Auckland has led to a call for shop owners to carry guns. Thirty-year-old father of three Navtej Sing had his hands in the air when he was shot by one of three men robbing his South Auckland shop. He died yesterday in hospital. Gang violence has escalated in the area and Indian shop owners say they are an easy target, and some want to be allowed to have a gun behind the counter. "We are law-abiding... (

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10 June 2008

Daily Nation (Nairobi)

African countries will develop a combined approach to deal with the proliferation of illicit small arms and light weapons, an African Union (AU) official said on Monday. AU director for peace and security department Geofrey Mugumya said African heads of states were committed to combating the problem jointly to help in taming internal conflicts which have torn apart some countries. Addressing journalists on the AU commission conference in Mombasa, Mr Mugumya noted... (

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Canada,United States

10 June 2008

Windsor Star (Ontario)

Police have cut the supply line of an organized gun smuggling ring and arrested two Windsorites, following an eight-month joint investigation into the flow of high-powered, illegal firearms through Windsor. Investigators said the guns came from the U.S. and were funnelled through Windsor — where police focused their investigation — and destined for Toronto. Canadian investigators seized 27 firearms, ammunition magazines and 235 rounds of ammunition. All of the... (

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United States

10 June 2008

Gainesville Sun (Florida)

WILLISTON — A woman reportedly driving five miles an hour over the speed limit in Williston led police to a World War II-era Japanese machine gun. Agents from the U. S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms confirmed Monday that the gun seized June 5 was a rare Nambu machine gun used by Japanese soldiers during World War II. According to Police Chief Dan Davis, the case began when Cpl. Kevin Sheppard pulled over a red 1995 Mercury for driving about 30 mph in the... (

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United States,Mexico

10 June 2008

Huffington Post (USA), Blog

In towns along the United States-Mexico border, a battle is raging between drug cartels and the Mexican government that has left thousands of innocent civilians and Mexican police officials dead. A galvanizing moment occurred on May 8, when assassins shot and killed Edgar Gomez, Mexico's top cop and an anti-cartel crusader, as he exited his home north of Mexico City. Gomez is just one of 6,000 Mexican government officials and police officers that have been killed by... (

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United States

10 June 2008

Associated Press

SEATTLE — Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels has signed an executive order that asks all departments to come up with a plan within 30 days to ban guns at all property owned by the city. The mayor's office says a public hearing will be held to gather comment on Monday's order but it does not require city council approval. Nickels says the added gun restriction is needed because of a shooting at last month's Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center that wounded two... (

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10 June 2008

Telegraph (Calcutta)

PURULIA — Police today accused the owner of a 190-year-old gun shop in Purulia town of "cooking up" a story of robbery to sell arms to people without valid licences. Shekhar Andia Mistri, 53, told the police seven men came "in the guise of customers" around 6.45am today. They allegedly woke him up for air guns and took away "five double-barrel guns, two revolvers and 20 air guns" after gagging him and tying him up at gun-point. Purulia superintendent of police... (

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10 June 2008

Daily Times (Malawi)

A prominent human rights lobbyist has urged Malawians to help curb the use of small arms in order to enhance peace in the country. Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), in a statement, urges Malawians to assume responsibility to tackle the proliferation of small arms by playing a proactive role and offer tips and information to police on anyone suspected to be illegally in possessions of firearms. "It is tragic that the global gun epidemic is killing more... (

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United States

10 June 2008

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio)

Over the objections of law enforcement groups, Gov. Ted Strickland today signed into law a bill that relaxes certain gun restrictions and establishes a new "castle doctrine" for shooting an intruder in self-defense. The legislation, Senate Bill 184, takes effect in 90 days. It was backed by the National Rifle Association to establish a presumption that a person acted in self-defense when shooting someone who unlawfully enters his or her home or occupied vehicle.... (

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United States

10 June 2008

Shreveport Times (Louisiana)

BATON ROUGE — The possibility of carrying concealed weapons on Louisiana's college campuses was laid to rest Monday when the bill's author decided not to push it to a vote. Rep. Ernest Wooton, R-Belle Chasse, said he had the support of 45 House members but since 53 votes are needed to pass a bill in the House, he chose not to go forward. "Put the bill on the calendar until next year," Wooton asked House Clerk Butch Speer, signaling the issue is dead for this... (

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United States

10 June 2008

Dallas Morning News (Texas)

HOUSTON — Tons of heroin and cocaine move north across the Southwestern border. And millions of dollars and truckloads of weapons move south — feeding the escalating levels of violence that have turned parts of Mexico into war zones and spread as far as North Texas. At least 80 percent of all of the weapons used by drug traffickers in Mexico to kill one another as well as police and soldiers come from the U.S., Mexican officials say. They've repeatedly asked the... (

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