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Gun Policy News, 12 January 2008


12 January 2008

Afrique en ligne / Panapress

BUJUMBURA, Burundi — About 100,000 Burundian households are thought to illegally hold small arms, light weapons or grenades, a joint report by the National Human Rights' League (called Iteka in the local kirundi dialect) and the Swiss NGO "Small arms survey", says. The report, titled "Small Arms in Burundi: after peace, the challenge of civil disarmament", is based on a survey conducted among 3,000 households in six of the 17 provinces in the country. Arms... (

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12 January 2008

New Glasgow News (Nova Scotia)

NEW GLASGOW — Police are calling a seizure of 77 firearms from a home in Merigomish, the largest weapon crackdown in the history of local law enforcement. Officers with the Pictou County Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit were conducting a search of a summer home in Merigomish last Saturday when they found the extensive collection. They also seized a large quantity of drugs, with an estimated street value of $18,000. The weapons, most of which are .22 calibre... (

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12 January 2008


YUQUAN, China — In a frigid forest in northeastern China, sub-zero temperatures and thick snow aren't enough to dampen tourists' enthusiasm for firing a few rounds at farm-raised animals let loose in the wild. Yuquan International Hunting Field in Heilongjiang province draws more than 100,000 domestic tourists a year, many traveling thousands of miles to get their hands on a rifle or shotgun for the first time in a country where gun ownership is strictly... (

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United States

12 January 2008

ABC News (USA)

Before President Bush left Washington for the Mideast, he signed into law the first major federal gun control measure in more than 13 years. If the new law had been in effect last April, it might have prevented the Virginia Tech shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, from buying a weapon at a gun store. "The Virginia Tech killer should have been stopped at the gun store," Paul Helmke of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence said. "He was a prohibited purchaser. He had been... (

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United States

12 January 2008

Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — To the dismay of some city leaders, a gun company is marketing a line of high-end pistols named for the LAPD's Special Investigation Section, an elite group of plainclothes detectives with a history of fatally shooting suspects. The guns for the undercover unit were created at the request of the Los Angeles Police Department. Kimber, a Yonkers, N.Y.-based gun maker, is marketing a slightly modified version to the public, touting the weapons as the "hot... (

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