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Gun Policy News, 31 August 2007


31 August 2007

Daily Monitor (Kampala)

KAMPALA — Ugandan regular and auxiliary forces are a source of ammunition for the Karimojong, according to the Small Arms Survey 2007 released on Wednesday. Karamoja has the highest proliferation of small arms in the country and currently the army is in the sub region carrying out a disarmament exercise. Chapter 9 of this year's Small Arms Survey was designed to compare the stocks of ammunition in the hands of various state and non-state groups in... (

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United States

31 August 2007

Dayton Daily News (Ohio)

KETTERING — Pia Lalli is living the life of a gun enthusiast for the FX reality television series "30 Days." Lalli, a pro-gun control advocate from Boston, has spent three weeks working at Peabody Sports, a gun dealer on Wilmington Pike. A Los Angeles film crew is documenting her experiences through Sept. 5 for an episode on gun control. "We're really interested to see how the editing is going to go," said John R. Thyne, principal owner of Peabody Sports. Producers... (

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United States

31 August 2007

Ithaca Journal (New York), Column

If you are a shooter, the skyrocketing price of ammunition is hitting home every bit as hard as the gasoline pumps. It's nothing new. The price increases began after 9/11, then were compounded by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — which pushed up overall demand — and growing industrial powers such as China and India, which either gobbled up or bid up the cost of raw materials. Chinese and Indian rampant construction not only ate up prodigious amounts of raw... (

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United States

31 August 2007

Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh), Column

The National Rifle Association certainly is rife with sensitive souls. I learned this during the past week, as NRA members clogged my e-mail box with insults, threats and similarly worded screeds that stopped just short of accusing me of treason. The floodgates opened after a July 22 column on firearm purchases in Pennsylvania being restricted for four days (since reduced to three) beginning Sunday. The shutdown will allow the state police to update the computer... (

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31 August 2007

Reuters AlertNet / NCA (Guatemala)

In Guatemala, over 25 people are involved in firearm attacks daily, and more than 80 per cent of Guatemala's over 4000 annual homicides involve the use of firearms. It's estimated that almost to million illegal weapons are in circulation in Guatemala. Young men are the most common victims, but an increasing number of women are also losing their lives to firearms. In many cases, this is due to a phenomenon called femicide. Since 2001 it is estimated that more than 2,500... (

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