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Gun Policy News, 27 August 2007

United Kingdom

27 August 2007

Independent (UK)

Ministers were accused of "self-satisfied" complacency over gun crime despite government proposals to set up a series of anonymous "drop-off zones" to allow people to take firearms off the streets. The issue of firearms deteriorated into a full-blown political row yesterday as David Cameron, the Conservative leader, launched a strongly worded attack on Jack Straw, the Secretary of State for Justice, and accused the Government of being "in denial" over the... (

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United Kingdom

27 August 2007

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

Six suspects were in custody last night being questioned by detectives hunting the killer of Rhys Jones. The six — all teenagers, including two girls — are among ten suspects who were arrested by Merseyside Police over the shooting. Rhys, 11, died in the arms of his mother, Melanie, after being shot by a teenage gunman on a BMX. The Everton FC fan was shot through the neck. The bullet has not yet been recovered. Detectives are believed to have a CCTV image... (

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United Kingdom,United States

27 August 2007

Mirror (UK) / New York Daily News, Column

Upon reading about the tragic murder of Rhys Jones in Liverpool — and calls for a crackdown on gun traffic and gun violence — the first thought that popped into my head was: Welcome to America. I'm sad to say a story like the Jones murder would perhaps — perhaps — make the front pages for a day or two in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. But the staggering volume of carnage in the US makes it hard to react to each life lost with the full measure of horror,... (

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United States

27 August 2007

Roanoke Times (Virginia), Editorial

When an East Coast criminal commits a crime with a gun, the odds are good that if his weapon did not come from his home state, it came from Virginia. The commonwealth, a federal study finds, has become a top supplier of firearms to many nearby states. Yet Attorney General Bob McDonnell is so in tune with the NRA he does not see the problem. The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives last week released data about gun traces it ran in 2006 at the... (

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27 August 2007

Sydney Morning Herald

Prime Minister John Howard has denied there are systemic weaknesses or faults with the weapons issued to Australian troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Documents obtained by the Seven Network have revealed Steyr rifles used by Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel have had persistent problems with locking, jamming, misfiring and faulty springs. Commanders had recommended that Special Air Service troops stop using high-powered pistols because they were... (

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United States

27 August 2007

State Journal-Register (Illinois)

A total of 29 county boards in Illinois have declared their opposition to any new statewide gun control laws, and organizers are hoping that total eventually reaches 70. About 30 pieces of gun legislation have been introduced in the General Assembly, and some have made it to the desk of Gov. Rod Blagojevich. The county initiatives, however, declare opposition to every proposed gun control law. Among the bills are bans on all assault weapons, on multiple firearm sales... (

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United States

27 August 2007

Chicago Sun-Times, Column

It looks like the petulant, gun-toting NRA stalwarts have won the first round. Last time, I used this space to ask where you stand on the issue of gun control. A torrent of e-mails later, it's clear: Gun-control advocates were outgunned, four to one. The gun lovers were legion, robust and vitriolic. Many of you told me to go places where the sun doesn't shine and the temperature is way too hot. Yet, if you believe public opinion polls, that reaction is an anomaly. For... (

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United States

27 August 2007

New York Times

Roll Call is reporting that Senator Larry Craig, Republican of Idaho, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge earlier this month after he was arrested in an airport restroom by a plainsclothes police officer investigating complaints of lewd conduct. It said Mr. Craig paid a $500 fine and is on one-year probation for the disorderly conduct charge. The police officer wrote a lengthy, detailed report about his encounter with Senator Craig in June in the men's room of the... (

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United States

27 August 2007

Daily News (New York), Editorial

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the agency that's supposed to police the weapons trade, has published stunning numbers indicating who's responsible for gun violence here and elsewhere across the country. At the top of the list are the states of Georgia and Virginia, which take pride in fostering weapons possession. More than 2,800 guns sold in Georgia and about 2,300 from Virginia turned up at crime scenes in other states last year. New York got... (

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Ghana,West Africa

27 August 2007

Ghana News Agency

The Ghana Action Network on Small Arms (GHAANSA) on Sunday called on ECOWAS member-states to show commitment to peace by ratifying the sub-regional Convention 2006 on the proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW). "There is no surer way of demonstrating our commitment to the tenets of the Convention and the respect for human rights, and the rule of law, than ratifying it," Mrs. Afi Yakubu, GHAANSA Coordinator told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in... (

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United States

27 August 2007

Washington Post

Sen. Larry E. Craig pleaded guilty earlier this month to misdemeanor disorderly-conduct charges stemming from his June arrest by an undercover police officer in a men's restroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, a court spokeswoman and the senator's office said yesterday. Craig issued a statement confirming his arrest and guilty plea, which were reported in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call. But the Idaho Republican maintained that he had not engaged in... (

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United States

27 August 2007

New York Times / AP

RIVERSIDE, California — A Cuban exile who claimed that he stashed more than 1,500 guns and other weapons in his home as part of a plan to overthrow Fidel Castro was sentenced Monday to more than five years in federal prison. Robert Ferro, 64, of Upland, pleaded guilty to a single count of weapons possession earlier this year. He allegedly claimed that he was storing the weapons with the knowledge of Alpha 66, a Florida-based paramilitary group that for decades has... (

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United States

27 August 2007

WRAL-TV News (North Carolina) / AP

RALEIGH, North Carolina — Private security contractor Blackwater USA has developed an intensive training course to prepare law enforcement officers to handle active shooters such as the one who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech. The five-day session, advertised Monday, will put trainees into simulated scenarios at a mock high school and a 5,000-square-foot tactical house, among other facilities at Blackwater's sprawling campus in northeastern North Carolina. Marty... (

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