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Gun Policy News, 14 August 2007

United States

14 August 2007

Virginian-Pilot (Virginia)

NORFOLK — A former manager of A&P Arms has been charged with stealing dozens of firearms, including a submachine gun, from the local chain and selling or giving away some of the weapons. Marcus A. McCall of Virginia Beach made his first appearance Monday in U.S. District Court, where a magistrate ordered him jailed pending a bond hearing Thursday. Agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives arrested McCall over the weekend after an... (

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South Africa

14 August 2007

Sunday Times (Johannesburg)

The police have denied allegations of lax firearms and ammunition control. The Democratic Alliance yesterday said questions were to be submitted to Parliament after receiving reports about ammunition not being properly controlled at police stations around the country. In a statement Dianne Kohler Barnard, the DA spokeswoman on Safety and Security, said reports had been received about fully loaded R5 rifles being kept in safes to which any police member could obtain... (

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United States

14 August 2007

Sacramento Bee (California), Editorial

Faced with escalating gun violence, the Sacramento City Council obviously felt the need to act. So last week the council voted unanimously to require gun owners to report thefts of firearms within 48 hours of becoming aware of the theft and to require firearms dealers to thumb-print and electronically record the names and addresses of people who buy ammunition. While it was the right thing to do, the council's vote will not solve the growing gun menace that Sacramento... (

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United States

14 August 2007

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia)

Running afoul of the law is one thing for a gun shop. Running afoul of gun-rights activists may be worse. Cole's Gun Shop of South Boston, which settled a lawsuit initiated by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg alleging illegal gun sales, has closed. Neither owner Mark Cole nor his lawyer could be reached for comment yesterday. Cole's recorded message on the shop's answering machine said: "Due to a serious illness I have [contracted], the shop will again be closed... (

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Bosnia & Herzegovina,Afghanistan

14 August 2007

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Dnevni Avaz (Sarajevo), Transcript

[Interview with independent researcher Hugh Griffiths; place and date not given: 'Bosnian Weapons in the Hands of the Taleban.'] Weapons that have recently been donated by Bosnia-Hercegovina to Afghanistan may have easily ended up in the Taliban's hands, independent researcher Hugh Griffiths has warned. Griffiths has worked for a number of international governmental and non-governmental organizations. He is the author of the Amnesty International (AI) report... (

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United States

14 August 2007

ABC News (USA)

PHILADELPHIA — Just before 1 a.m. on a recent night in the city, an ambulance rushed a man to Temple University Hospital's trauma ward. As paramedics rolled him in through the sliding emergency room doors, he screams, "I've been shot … He shot me, man!" Medics quickly let doctors and nurses know the man's vital signs and confirm the patient's diagnosis: "Single gunshot wound." Trauma surgeons and nurses race to save the man's life. X-rays show the man may have... (

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United States

14 August 2007

Journal Review (Indiana)

Those who are active in Second Amendment issues will recall the great Jim Zumbo flap in February. In case you have slept since then, the problem arose when the famed outdoor writer used his Outdoor Life blog to say that the M-16/AR-15 families of rifles are terrorist guns that have no valid place as hunting weapons and should be outlawed. To say he stirred up a hornets nest would be a slight understatement. Most of his sponsors dropped him, his television show was put... (

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