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Gun Policy News, 10 August 2007


10 August 2007

Globe & Mail (Toronto) / CP

VANCOUVER — Vancouver police, in the early stages of trying to solve one of the worst shootings in the city's history, yesterday said they are struggling to deal with a tide of guns in the streets of a community that will welcome the world for the Winter Olympics in less than three years. As police began a massive hunt for two masked gunmen who opened fire in a central Vancouver Chinese restaurant, Deputy Police Chief Bob Rich noted that, actually, there had been a... (

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United States

10 August 2007

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco political leaders Thursday called for the end of gun shows at the Cow Palace, saying the shows on state-owned property are effectively turning California into "a merchant of tools of death." Standing in the parking lot of the indoor arena, District Attorney Kamala Harris, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Police Chief Heather Fong and Assemblyman Mark Leno said the shows — including Crossroads of the West Gun Show, which comes to the palace Saturday and Sunday —... (

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Kenya,East Africa

10 August 2007

IRIN (UN News)

NAIROBI — The Kenyan government is grappling with rampant trafficking of illicit small arms and light weapons but needs to pass tougher laws to contain the problem, officials said. "It is really hard to fight against because we do not know precisely where these arms are," Peter Munya, assistant minister for internal affairs, said on 10 August. "It also remains really hard to estimate how many of these illegal arms are circulating in the country — they could be... (

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United States

10 August 2007

Evening Bulletin (Philadelphia), Book review

Kyle Cassidy/Armed America This photo from Kyle Cassidy's photography book, Armed America, is called "Jeremy with Charlotte." When questioned why he owns a gun, Jeremy responded, "This was my father's shotgun. He hunted with it with his father. I do hunt, but not very often. It's a stomach issue, not a morality issue. I guess I just don't like to know where my meat comes from. Occasionally my son and I will go down to the dump and shoot bottles and cans." Before I... (

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Serbia,Bosnia & Herzegovina

10 August 2007

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Dnevni List (Mostar), Transcript

According to UNDP [United Nations Development Programme] estimates, 19 per cent of the population in Bosnia-Hercegovina own at least one firearm in their households. UNDP project manager Amna Berbic told Dnevni List that this organization's nationwide research had shown that as high as 16 per cent of the B-H population possessed these weapons illegally. Translated into figures, around 700,000 residents of Bosnia-Hercegovina keep firearms in their homes. Number of... (

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United States

10 August 2007

Boston Globe, Column

Who is Alan Gottlieb, the gun champion who wants to put me in jail? It is a question of some interest to me, as you might imagine. Regular readers know I am being investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. This silly flap grows out of a column I wrote nearly two years ago about buying a handgun at a New Hampshire gun show. Gottlieb and like-minded gun fanatics went into spasms a few weeks ago after the column came up again on local radio.... (

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