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Gun Policy News, 5 August 2007

United States

5 August 2007

New York Times / The Caucus, Blog

CHICAGO — The YearlyKos convention was a huge affirmation of blogger culture, and there are many personal accounts of it posted all over the Web. But as the event winds down, we wanted to recount for you one small scene we witnessed here that served as a reminder, that even as the netroots celebrates its growth and success, sometimes people have to be escorted onto the Web one at a time. The scene took place Saturday morning in the glassy lobby of McCormick Place,... (

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United States

5 August 2007

Post-Journal (New York)

In Philadelphia, shady gun buyers sent girlfriends to a suburban pawn shop, Lou's Loan, where the staff wouldn't raise a fuss if a young woman came by a few times a month to purchase cheap handguns. In a recent Associated Press report, such gun shops are increasingly being targeted as the source of the majority of weapons used in crimes. In a 2000 report, federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms officials said nearly 40 percent of all weapons traced by the... (

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United States

5 August 2007

Union Leader (New Hampshire)

PELHAM — Manchester Republicans traded bullets for bucks yesterday in an unorthodox and controversial fundraiser at a Pelham firing range. The city Republican party's first-ever "Machine Gun Shoot" lured hundreds of thrill-seekers and Second Amendment advocates to the Pelham Fish and Game Club with promises of a rare opportunity to wrap their hands around an automatic weapon. "That was an experience, wasn't it?" said Ken Stargill, 27, smiling broadly after blasting... (

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United States

5 August 2007

Baltimore Sun

In his 23 years, Tyrone Henderson has been arrested eight times in Baltimore on gun charges — twice just this year. And though he has never been convicted, his arrest record is drawing the attention of city officials as one of more than 300 people being tracked through Mayor Sheila Dixon's new "GunStat" project. Designed to chronicle gun cases from start to finish — including the kinds of weapons seized, bail amounts, defendants' criminal histories and court... (

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United States

5 August 2007

Sunday Times (UK)

Despite the massacres at Virginia Tech and Columbine, gun ownership in the US remains as popular as Mom's apple pie. To prove it, the photographer Kyle Cassidy persuaded the God-fearing citizens of middle America to pose with their firearms. The deaths of 32 students and teachers at Virginia Tech in April placed gun control back at the top of the political agenda in the United States. The university campus became the scene of another bloodbath in the wake of the... (

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5 August 2007

Times of India

The name is Kalashnikov. Sixty years ago, Mikhail Kalashnikov, the lost son of a rich farmer was swallowed by a Siberian gulag. Then he found his calling and became a Soviet patriot by putting together eight pieces of hard wood and strong metal pipes in such a way that they could spit 600 bullets in a minute and reduce an army of men to a bloodied pulp of flesh and bones in seconds. Since then Kalashnikov's automatic, and its many offspring, have spat from all corners... (

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United States

5 August 2007

San Francisco Chronicle / AP

OAKLAND, California — As community leaders gathered to mourn the brazen daytime slaying of an Oakland journalist and denounce the city's chronic violence, gunfire claimed seven more lives in separate incidents over a two-day span. Kevin F. Sharp Jr., 20, was watching television at his East Oakland home early Sunday morning when he answered a knock at his door and was fatally shot, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The shooter fled, and police have no... (

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