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Gun Policy News, 1 August 2007


1 August 2007

National Post (Toronto), Opinion

Citing concern over the "sinister uses" of guns, University of Toronto officials are closing down their 88-year-old shooting range. No word yet on the fate of the university's chemistry labs. More than just one more example of political correctness run amok (which of course it is), I take this gesture as academic ideologues' invitation to government to follow suit and ban gun sport and gun collecting nationally. Alas, I think the initiative might find broad public... (

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1 August 2007

New York Times

NEW DELHI — One of Bollywood's best-loved film stars was sentenced Tuesday in a Mumbai courtroom to six years in prison for illegally possessing weapons, a judgment hailed by critics and supporters of India's judiciary as a strong, if unusual, example of its willingness to stand up to the country's rich and powerful. The actor Sanjay Dutt arriving Tuesday at a court in Mumbai, India, where he was sentenced to six years for illegally possessing guns. Sanjay Dutt, for... (

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United States

1 August 2007

Roll Call (Washington, DC)

If Congress has its way, the deadliest shooting spree in American history may actually result in a modest improvement to the federal database that screens out unwanted gun users. But it seems likely that it also will permit the National Rifle Association, one of the savviest lobby groups in town, to advance its own agenda at the same time. A bill scheduled for markup on Thursday in the Senate Judiciary Committee would allocate $375 million a year to states so that... (

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1 August 2007

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

Outside the Old City Hall courthouse where he is to testify against several young men charged in the shooting death of teenager Jane Creba on Yonge Street 19 months ago, prosecution witness Richard Steele offered this glimpse of his uncertain future: "It's a scary thing," he told reporters on Monday. "You don't know who's going to come out these days shooting people." In the face of a homicide tally that looks to be soaring, plenty of other Torontonians feel the same... (

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United States

1 August 2007

Rappahannock News (Virginia)

WASHINGTON, Virginia — A vent in the roof at Trading Post Guns served as the entry point for a burglary in which several handguns were stolen from the firearms store. On the morning of July 20, Trading Post owner Ken Carter discovered that his shop near of the Town of Washington had been burglarized. He said the person or persons responsible for the crime likely broke in the night of July 19, as a neighbor heard some noise at the property that evening. Carter's... (

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United States,United Kingdom

1 August 2007

BBC News

Five children have been orphaned after their mother was killed by their father, who then committed suicide, police have revealed. Shaun Cronin, 42, formerly of Ipswich, Suffolk, shot his wife, Lisa, 42, and then turned the gun on himself after an argument at their home in the US. A Foreign Office spokesman said the death of the couple, was being treated as a "murder-suicide". "We are providing what assistance we can," said the spokesman. Pennsylvania Police said... (

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1 August 2007

CityNews TV (Toronto)

It looked like an arsenal and while it wasn't illegal it was certainly distressing. Toronto Police showed off an amazing array of weapons on Wednesday, seized from a home near Yonge and Eglinton earlier this week. The occupant died suddenly at the house and when officials went in to investigate, they were stunned by what they found. More than a dozen firearms were in the residence and none of them were locked up. Cops admit they're lucky no one broke in and stole any... (

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United States

1 August 2007

Orlando Sentinel (Florida)

A man arrested Tuesday night for planning to smuggle four pistols and two machine guns to Puerto Rico was ordered held without bail today in Orlando. U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents arrested Hiram Rivera Ortiz, 34, in a sting operation after he accepted six weapons from an undercover agent posing as an international firearms trafficker. Ortiz agreed to transport the weapons to Puerto Rico for $4,500 and had received $500 in advance, according to an... (

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1 August 2007

This Day (Lagos)

YOLA — An alleged female gun-runner, who specialises in arms and ammunition supply to men of the underworld, has been arrested by Adamawa State Police Command. She was intercepted with over 100 rounds of ammunitions and a gun, along Ganye-Tungo road. The middle-aged woman, Madam Rebecca, alleged to be a notorious dealer in arms and ammunitions, was arrested while trying to smuggle her consignment across the Taraba/Adamawa states border. Also, the Command has... (

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United States

1 August 2007

Chronicle of Higher Education (USA), Blog

Yet more developments in John R. Lott Jr.'s libel lawsuit against Steven D. Levitt. (For the uninitiated, this April 2006 Chronicle article [URL below] sketches the two economists' long-running quarrel and the early weeks of the lawsuit.) On Tuesday a federal judge in Chicago rejected a motion, filed last week by Mr. Lott, that asked the court to reconsider its January dismissal of Mr. Lott's claim that Mr. Levitt defamed him in his best-selling book Freakonomics. The... (

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1 August 2007

SEESAC (Belgrade) / VIP News Service, Transcript

Serbian Ministry of Interior (MUP) stated on Tuesday that it had intensified its work on amendments to the law on weapons and ammunition, in which it will initiate mandatory medical examination and expert opinion on mental health of those submitting requests for purchase, keeping and carrying weapons, media reported. In the last ten years, licenses for purchase, keeping and carrying weapons have been issued in line with valid regulations, which do not require advice... (

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