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Gun Policy News, 23 July 2007

Papua New Guinea

23 July 2007

Al Jazeera (Qatar)

PORT MORESBY — The disappearance of 5,000 guns from police and military armouries in Papua New Guinea has added a dangerous element to crime in the country. High-powered factory-made weapons are now in the hands of tribal fighters and criminals, replacing more traditional bows and arrows and raising fears that existing tribal and gang conflicts may get even more deadly. In the highlands of Papua New Guinea, guns have become a part of life. For tribal fighters,... (

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23 July 2007

Toronto Star (Ontario)

The killing of an 11-year-old boy caught in the crossfire of a gang war has sparked outrage among many levels of government and prompted Ontario's attorney general to lobby Ottawa for tougher gun measures. In the wake of Ephraim Brown's shooting death early yesterday, Michael Bryant said he will push Prime Minister Stephen Harper to ban handguns, tighten up the gun registry and safe storage rules, and enforce the provincial weapons program. "Some people will point... (

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23 July 2007

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

It was around midnight Saturday when two telltale cracks cut the sounds of happy partygoers and children playing outside right out of the air. The fast pattern of gunfire that followed sent mothers within a North Toronto public housing complex into a panic. In No. 1880, the centre block, some began hollering out the names of their children, listening for their calls back. While the shouting carried on, 11-year-old Ephraim Brown was splayed on the ground in an... (

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United States

23 July 2007

Boston Herald / AP

BALTIMORE — The public has a right to know who has been convicted of gun-related crimes, just as it does with convicted sex offenders, according to Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon. The mayor has proposed creating a gun offender database, modeled after the registry for sex offenders, that would include the name, address, and photograph of anyone convicted of using a gun. As with sex offenders, gun offenders would have to register with police, in person, every six... (

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Canada,United States

23 July 2007

CTV News (Toronto)

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says banning handguns would not make Canadian streets safer, despite countering statements made earlier by Toronto's mayor and Ontario's attorney general. Day's comment comes in the aftermath of the weekend murder of a Toronto boy who was caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout. "We have looked at other jurisdictions that have put in bans on handguns, and it has not reduced crime with firearms, crime with handguns," Day told CTV... (

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United States

23 July 2007

Union Leader (New Hampshire)

MANCHESTER — City Republicans will be packing some serious firepower at their next party fundraiser. Tired of the usual chicken dinners, the Manchester Republican Committee is planning to arm supporters next month with Uzis, M-16 rifles and other automatic weapons for a day of target practice at a Pelham firing range. "The thought just struck me one day: a machine gun shoot. What the heck?" said Jerry Thibodeau, the committee chairman. Thibodeau, who is himself a... (

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United States

23 July 2007

Philadelphia Daily News

The observations may seem obvious but haven't altered the status quo: There are simply too many guns out on city streets — and the damage the weapons cause has ruined families and neighborhoods. The homicide-by-gun crisis — police blame bullets for about 87 percent of this year's 224 slayings — was linked to one common-sense concept yesterday at a University of Pennsylvania seminar. Gun density. "Any population that has a high amount of guns will also face a... (

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Ghana,West Africa

23 July 2007

Ghana News Agency

Mr Baffour Dokyi Amoa, President of West African Action Network for Small Arms (WAANSA) on Friday said collaboration with civil society was crucial to augment efforts of West African Governments to prevent the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in the Sub-Region. He said the challenge to combat accumulation of such weapons was not on the implementation of legislations but on how civil society would respect legal instruments and support security agencies. Mr... (

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United States

23 July 2007

Washington Post / AP

WASHINGTON — The Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Mo., produces nearly 1.4 billion bullets a year, a dizzying figure driven by the demands of war. "It's actually mind-boggling," said Karen Davies, Lake City's general manager. The question is, for how long? Although no one knows when the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan will end, Davies and other ammunition industry executives understand the heavy orders won't last forever. So as they churn out the... (

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United States

23 July 2007

San Francisco Chronicle / AP

ATLANTA — A man neighbors described as a retired factory worker shot three relatives to death and wounded two others before killing himself in a southwest Atlanta home on Monday, authorities said. Police had not received calls about family violence at the house before Abdulaziz Ibrahim, 52, gunned down his daughters-in-law Hana Yusuf, 26, and Luna Tesfaye, 24, a police spokesman said. Also killed was Mohammed Ibrahim, 28, the gunman's son and Tesfaye's husband, who... (

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23 July 2007

Edmonton Sun (Alberta)

TORONTO — Four dead and eight wounded by gunfire in Toronto over a "terrible, brutally tragic" weekend has politicians renewing calls to make this city safer. Handgun bans, stronger border controls and stiffening the penalties for offenders are possible solutions after an 11-year-old boy and three others were killed in the last two days. "Any shooting is one too many," Mayor David Miller said yesterday as he renewed his call for an outright handgun ban. "I'm... (

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United States

23 July 2007

Baltimore Sun

Baltimore could become the first big city to publicize names, photographs and home addresses of people who are convicted of shootings or other gun-related crimes, the latest twist on a national crime prevention trend of exposing names of certain types of criminals. Legislation that Mayor Sheila Dixon introduced in the City Council last week would direct the Police Department to create a database for gun offenders that is similar to the existing online statewide sex... (

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