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Gun Policy News, 15 July 2007

Russia,United States,United Nations

15 July 2007

New York Times

MOSCOW — The automatic Kalashnikov, the world's most abundant firearm and a martial symbol with a multiplicity of meanings, turns 60 this year. In some places this is cause to shudder. In Russia it is treated as a milestone to celebrate, and a chance to cry foul. Once strictly Communist products, the AK-47 and its offspring are killing tools so durable and easy to use that they were heralded as achievements of state socialism and industrial might. Uncoupled from the... (

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United States

15 July 2007

Chicago Tribune

Speaking to a Sunday congregation in Chicago, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama used often-fiery rhetoric to mourn the city's recent spate of gun violence and challenged the government, the gun lobby and the public to do more to stop it. "Our playgrounds have become battlegrounds. Our streets have become cemeteries. Our schools have become places to mourn the ones we've lost," Obama told a standing-room-only congregation at Vernon Park Church of God... (

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United States

15 July 2007

Albany Times-Union (New York), Editorial

It hardly matters that it's the Democrats who now ostensibly control Congress. On the critical matter of fighting gun crime, it's still the gun lobby that prevails. The National Rifle Association in particular still controls enough votes, on both sides of the aisle, to stop local governments from making even modest progress in their quest to reduce gun violence. Really, now, what sensible person would resist legislation that would give local governments and police... (

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United States

15 July 2007

US News & World Report

NEW ORLEANS — For as long as Anthony Cannatella can remember, Elliot's Gun Shop has been a thorn in his side. A third-generation New Orleans cop, Cannatella, now deputy police chief, says he has traced more guns used in crimes back to the nondescript warehouse on Jefferson Highway than to any other business in the region. A criminal record, a mental illness, being underage — there sometimes seemed no barrier to getting a firearm from Elliot's, police say. Once, says... (

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United States,Mexico

15 July 2007

San Francisco Chronicle

MEXICO CITY — For more than a decade, Mexico has had military checkpoints on all northbound highways leading to the United States. It's part of the campaign to crack down on the flow of drugs to the United States. This summer, things have changed, and Mexico's military is inspecting vehicles traveling on the southbound lanes, checking for shipments of weapons. This reversal is testament to the dangers Mexico faces, bordering the United States, a country unable to... (

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