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Gun Policy News, 25 June 2007


25 June 2007

CTV News (Toronto)

The federal government is quietly proposing to relax rules for foreign law enforcement officers who carry weapons into Canada, CTV News has learned. While some say the regulation would mean a safer border, critics suggest it could have wider implications for sovereignty and gun control in Canada. In a reciprocal agreement with the U.S., the regulation would exempt officers — including police and air marshals — from a "foreign state" from having to obtain permits... (

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United States

25 June 2007

New York Times / Congressional Quarterly

In the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre by Seung-Hui Cho this spring, it looked as though the Second Amendment absolutists at the National Rifle Association had reached an unlikely accord with one of the most prominent gun-control advocates in Congress, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy. When the Long Island Democrat, whose path to Washington a decade ago was made mainly as an outspoken mother and wife of gun crime victims, introduced legislation this month seeking to restrict... (

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United States

25 June 2007

Chicago Tribune

RIVERDALE — A day after his arrest for picketing in front of a suburban gun store, Rev. Jesse Jackson said he is more encouraged to fight against gun violence in America. Jackson said he plans to expand his protests to other suburban gun stores, which he says undermine Chicago's ban on gun sales, and to gun shows across the nation. "I think people have the right to bear arms at a hunting reserve. But you're not hunting deer with semi-automatic weapons," Jackson said... (

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United States

25 June 2007

Baltimore Sun

WASHINGTON — For five years, the National Rifle Association and its allies have successfully lobbied Congress to limit the ability of local police to access federal gun trace data. Now, by moving to remove those limits and increase the ability of local officers to track so-called crime guns, Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski is venturing into what is rapidly emerging as the latest battlefield in the war over gun rights. A provision first approved in 2003, when Republicans... (

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Brazil,United States

25 June 2007

KYW News Radio (Philadelphia)

Criminologists in the US have been studying how one city in Brazil managed to halve its murder rate in seven years. Ted Goertzel, professor of sociology at Rutgers University-Camden, says the out-of-control murder rate in San Paolo, Brazil was cut in half in less than seven years by a nationwide firearms ban. He says the same thing has been thought of in the US, but it's the politics that differ: "They don't have the protection for the right to carry guns that we... (

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25 June 2007

Sun Star (Iloilo) / PIA

ROXAS CITY — Forty-two violators of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) election gun ban and illegal possession of firearms have been apprehended by police authorities in the province from January 14 to June 15 this year. The Comelec gun ban in view of the May 14 elections which prohibits bearing, carrying or transporting firearms as well as other deadly weapons in public places was observed since January 14 to June 13. The accomplishment includes a total of 49... (

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United States

25 June 2007

Sauk Valley Telegraph (Illinois), Opinion

The war of words between state Sen. Dan Kotowski, D-Park Ridge, a fierce gun-control advocate, and the Illinois State Rifle Association apparently has escalated to the point where the nutballs are coming out of the woodwork. Sen. Kotowski's office claims they have turned over information to the Illinois State Police about 10 or so contacts from apparent pro-gun people, including a call where somebody allegedly said, "I have a gun. I am going to come and kill... (

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United States

25 June 2007

Houston Chronicle (Texas) / AP

NEW YORK — The National Rifle Association, which has portrayed Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a villain preying on America's gun owners, has asked local television affiliates in several states not to air an ad created by his anti-gun group. Bloomberg's coalition of Mayors Against Illegal Guns has purchased air time and run ads in the districts of various members of Congress. The ads urge the repeal of a piece of congressional legislation that the mayor argues prevents... (

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United States

25 June 2007

Philadelphia Inquirer / McClatchy-Tribune News, Editorial

It's a harsh, political reality that few gun-control measures become law without a fight with the National Rifle Association. So forgive the natural suspicion that arises on the rare occasion the NRA agrees to tighten gun-violence safeguards. That said, with the NRA's acquiesence, the House last week passed important legislation that should go a long way toward keeping weapons from the mentally ill. It was done in response to April's horrific Virginia Tech shooting,... (

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