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Gun Policy News, 21 June 2007

United States

21 June 2007

International Herald Tribune / AP

ATLANTA — The deadly rampage at Virginia Tech in April highlights the need for states to provide better information on their mentally ill residents to a national crime database used to screen gun buyers, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Thursday. Only 23 states give the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, data on those with mental illness that would disqualify them from buying a gun, Gonzales told the National Association of... (

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United States

21 June 2007


LOS ANGELES — The founder of an anti-gun organization accused of selling firearms to federal undercover officers pleaded not guilty Thursday to weapons charges. Hector "Big Weasel" Marroquin, 51, who founded No Guns in 1996, is charged with three counts of manufacture, distribution and transport for sale of an unlawful assault weapon, along with one count of machine gun conversion and possession of a silencer. Marroquin and co-defendant Sylvia Arellano, 24, who... (

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United States

21 June 2007

Sun-Sentinel (Florida)

Marc Thom drew his 9 mm pistol on two shotgun-wielding men who confronted him and a woman outside his MetroWest apartment early Sunday. One of the robbers ducked when Thom pointed his weapon, which allowed him and his friend to run to a business and call police. Thom, who has a concealed-weapons permit, is among a growing number of people in the Orlando area who are confronting rising violent crime by carrying guns. Nearly 20,000 people in Orange County are legally... (

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New Zealand

21 June 2007


An Auckland gun collector is taking police to court for suspending his firearms licence and seizing 700 registered guns. Police say the armoury was taken after bugged phone conversations involving Waikato gang houses. But Martin Bath insists he has no gang connections and the seizure is hurting his business. If he had seen it in the movies he wouldn't believe it. A few rubber stunt props are all that's left of Bath's million dollar gun collection. Six months ago... (

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21 June 2007

Herald Sun (Melbourne), Opinion

Federal Justice Minister David Johnston has confirmed what every shooter has been trying to say. The black market in firearms, including many illegally imported firearms, is a market that needs to be seen and stamped out. Unfortunately, those who oppose firearm ownership would prefer this black market was not officially acknowledged. That is because nothing is easier than selling a political message when you have an easy target. Recognising the black market makes... (

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21 June 2007

Tribune de Geneve (Geneva)

Federal lawmakers approve historic new regulations requiring army ammunition to be kept in arsenals, while stopping short of a ban on firearms in Swiss residences. The Swiss government is tightening regulations for weapons while the senate has approved a general ban on the storing of army ammunition at home. The measures fall short of a ban on keeping military guns in private residences, although left-wing campaigners are planning to launch an initiative to achieve... (

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