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Gun Policy News, 18 June 2007


18 June 2007

Advertiser (Adelaide) / AP

Prime Minister John Howard has left the door open to tougher gun laws following today's deadly triple shooting in Melbourne. A gunman shot dead one person and wounded two more at an intersection in Melbourne's city centre before fleeing as people were arriving for the new working week. Tough national gun laws were brought in following the 1996 Port Arthur massacre, restricting the right to own rifles and semi-automatic shotguns. Mr Howard said while gun laws were a... (

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18 June 2007

ABC News (Australia)

Victorian police say they have a suspect in this morning's fatal triple shooting in Melbourne's CBD. Police say they are looking for a caucasian man in his late 20s or early 30s who is known to them. He is believed to have been involved in an assault involving a woman at the BarCode Nightclub just before 8:00am AEST. The rush-hour shooting happened minutes later, when a man was seen dragging a 24-year-old woman away from a taxi on the corner of William Street and... (

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18 June 2007

Independent (UK) / AP

Terrified bystanders have described seeing a gunman grab a woman by the hair before shooting three people in a busy Australian street. He opened fire in Melbourne during Australia's morning rush hour today, killing one man and critically wounding two others. Police say the suspect fled after the incident, prompting police to lock down part of the southern city — closing several streets and advising people to stay indoors as tactical officers armed with guns fanned... (

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18 June 2007

Age (Melbourne)

An altercation between a man and woman in a city bar is thought to have led to a shooting in Melbourne's city centre this morning. A massive manhunt continues after at least three people were shot this morning, one fatally, by a gunman who apparently knew his victims. A fourth woman is also being treated for "superficial" injuries received when she was assaulted by the gunman, police said. She was not shot. Police have also recovered a weapon from a building site at... (

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United States

18 June 2007

Houston Chronicle (Texas) / AP

RICHMOND, Virginia — Sen. Jim Webb has admitted that he owns a gun that an aide was arrested for carrying into the U.S. Capitol complex in March. Webb previously had refused to say whether the gun was his, although his senior aide — Phillip Thompson — had told police the weapon belonged to the Democratic senator. "It's my gun," Webb told the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Sunday. But how and why it was in Thompson's possession remains unclear. Webb said he didn't... (

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United States

18 June 2007

Washington Post, Editorial

Common sense triumphed over ideological posturing in Congress last week when, following the Virginia Tech massacre, the House approved a bill making it harder for someone who is dangerously mentally ill to buy a gun. In 1993, Congress designed the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, a database that should contain the personal information of those ineligible, under federal law, to own guns. That includes people the states determine are dangerously... (

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Gambia,West Africa

18 June 2007

Daily Observer (Banjul)

The West African Network on Peace-building (Wanep) The Gambia, has joined the rest of the world in observing the Global Week of Action Gun Violence from June 11 to 17. According to a press release from Wanep, people across the globe have united against guns during the annual Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence (11-17 June 2007). "IANSA members in over 100 countries are highlighting the human cost of small arms proliferation and misuse, demanding that governments... (

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United States

18 June 2007

CBS-5 TV News (San Francisco)

SAN FRANCISCO — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom joined forces in San Francisco Monday to bring awareness to a campaign aimed at stopping the flow of illegal guns into U.S. cities. The aim of the bipartisan campaign, brought about by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group which brings together some 225 mayors, is to prevent criminals from illegally obtaining guns by cracking down on gun dealers. It also is pushing for law... (

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18 June 2007

Sydney Morning Herald

Despite the crackdown on handguns prompted by earlier massacres, an estimated 20,000 are held illegally in Australia. Also, more than half the perpetrators of multiple gun killings were licensed gun owners, said Philip Alpers, a gun-control researcher at the University of Sydney's School of Public Health. He said there was no easy solution to stop handgun killings, given blackmarket supplies to criminals and the potential of the tightly regulated sporting shooting... (

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United States

18 June 2007

KHOU-TV News (Houston)

A local deputy is facing serious charges of selling permits to carry a concealed weapon with no class time required. The Harris County Precinct 1 constable's deputy turned himself in to authorities Monday after being charged with two felony counts of tampering with a government document. Deputy Wilbert Jue, who taught concealed handgun courses out of his house in Spring was released on bond early Monday afternoon and has told the constable in Precinct 1 that he... (

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Liberia,West Africa

18 June 2007

United Press International

ABUJA, Nigeria — More West African nations are supporting efforts for greater restriction of the global arms trade. The head of the Economic Community of the West African States said that by having an international arms trade treaty, violence in the region could be reduced significantly. "West Africa has suffered from gun proliferation and misuse for too many years," said ECOWAS president Mohammed Ibn Chambas, adding that the group's 15 member nations should... (

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United States

18 June 2007

Times-Union (Florida) / AP

RICHMOND, Virginia — The father of one of the Virginia Tech shooting victims asked state lawmakers Monday to pass better gun laws and close the legal loopholes that allowed a student gunman to skirt Virginia's mental health system. The legislative committee focused on gunman Seung-Hui Cho, who was ordered to undergo outpatient mental health treatment in December 2005. It was unclear whether he ever received treatment up to the April 16 shootings in which he killed 27... (

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United States

18 June 2007

Los Angeles Times

For every person shot and killed in Los Angeles, roughly four or five others are wounded by gunfire but survive, many of them maimed for life. They are among the most invisible victims of street violence. Like the dead, these individuals come mainly from one high-risk demographic band: male, black, young, living in a tough neighborhood and, often, criminally involved. Decades after their shootings, the victims are still here, their wheelchairs, crutches and canes... (

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United States

18 June 2007

Bay City Times (Michigan)

It's late Thursday morning, and one man is dozing off in the front pew. Twenty others stir anxiously, waiting to see if their concealed weapons permits are approved. "Familiarize yourself with the Castle Doctrine," an elderly gentleman whispers in the back row, giving another man advice about the right to use deadly force in self-defense from within his home. Others chat away about recent hunting trips. This is just another monthly meeting of the Bay County Gun Board,... (

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