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Gun Policy News, 8 June 2007

United States

8 June 2007

NBC-5 TV News (Chicago)

CHICAGO — An outraged Mayor Richard M. Daley on Wednesday unleashed a tirade about gun control, prompted by the 500 shootings of Chicago children so far this year. "It's an outrage," Daley said. "Now remember, the national debate of politicians is all about Iraq, not about guns; not about violence in America. You're always overseas. Why don't we just get back and say, 'Well, why don't we just make this a better country, a safer country of 30,000 people?' Can you see... (

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United States,Mexico

8 June 2007

Dallas Morning News (Texas) / AP

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Friday that Washington is taking steps to address Mexican concerns the U.S. is not doing enough to stop illegal weapons from being smuggled across the border and into the hands of brutal drug gangs. A meeting here of attorneys general from the U.S., Mexico and six other Latin American countries focused on Mexican complaints weapons from the United States are fueling a wave of cartel-related executions and violent crime that is... (

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New Zealand

8 June 2007

Hawke's Bay Today, Editorial

Police say the dismissal of firearms charges against an Auckland gunshop owner who shot a machete-wielding robber last July shouldn't be seen as "an invitation to use weapons against robbers". However, the decision by the two JPs to throw out the charge of illegal possession of a pistol against Greg Carvell — they ruled the Crown failed to prove a prima facie case — does reaffirm the right to use reasonable force in self defence. And Mr Carvell's defence would... (

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8 June 2007


NEW DELHI — Tiny north-eastern state Nagaland has emerged as a hub for issuing small arms licenses at a time when the use of small arms for private protection and as a status symbol has become a fashion in almost every part of the country. The state issued 15,550 arms licenses between 1990 and 2005, out of which as many as 5,200 were meant for residents of other states. These bogus gun licenses, easily available in Nagaland, are now becoming a major concern for... (

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