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Gun Policy News, 6 June 2007


6 June 2007

Ottawa Citizen (Ontario), Column

Two weeks ago, Jordan Manners, a 15-year-old-boy, was shot dead in the halls of C.W. Jefferys Collegiate, a Toronto high school. Newspapers were filled with shocked reactions. "I grew up in a time where the notion of a school lockdown was a foreign one," said Ontario PC leader John Tory. "Now it seems they're almost commonplace." The Ontario premier and Toronto mayor railed against handguns. A few commentators pointed to absentee fathers. Underneath all the talk lay... (

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6 June 2007

Chronicle Herald (Nova Scotia)

YARMOUTH — When the Mounties examined the .22-calibre Beretta pistol, they discovered it was loaded. A .45-calibre Colt MK4 pistol was loaded, too. A .25-calibre Beretta pistol was loaded and the Mounties noticed the serial number had been removed. Another .22-calibre pistol, this one unloaded, was also found as the guns kept coming. All of this information is contained in a thick file folder itemizing more than 40 charges, most of them criminal, against Joseph... (

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United States

6 June 2007

Fairfax County Times (Virginia)

A meeting on preventing gun violence scheduled at the Centreville Regional Library for June 4 was canceled because pro-gun activists were videotaping it. About 30 people showed up for an informational meeting about gun laws organized by the Million Moms March of Northern Virginia, according to Terry Hartnett, past president of the organization. Before it started, organizers asked two men associated with the Virginia Citizens Defense League wanting to videotape the... (

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United States

6 June 2007

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, South Carolina — An attempt to put more guns on school campuses as a way to prevent violence like the Virginia Tech massacre was defeated by state lawmakers on Wednesday. The proposal would have allowed concealed weapon permit holders to bring guns to public school campuses, from elementary schools to universities, if they were left in vehicles. "This bill had nothing to do with children carrying firearms to school, or college students having firearms in... (

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