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Gun Policy News, 26 April 2007


26 April 2007

Globe & Mail (Toronto), Opinion

The Harper government recently extended its amnesty for long-gun owners who haven't renewed their firearms licences and haven't registered their guns. Those who thumb their noses at the law have a free pass for another year. It's hard to know which is more offensive: the government's pandering to the gun lobby or the undemocratic trickery it uses to undermine a law it doesn't have the votes to repeal in the House of Commons. Most gun owners are law-abiding: Nearly two... (

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United States,United Nations

26 April 2007

International Herald Tribune, Editorial

By now, the logic is almost automatic. A shooter takes innocent lives, and someone says that if the victims had been armed, this wouldn't have happened. The only solution to a gun in the wrong hands, it seems, is a gun in the hands of everyone. That's the state of the debate over gun control in the United States today. The National Rifle Association and the gun lobby have silenced every legislature in this country. Instead of stricter laws, tighter controls and better... (

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United States

26 April 2007

New York Times, Column

Two days after the massacre at Virginia Tech, a mentally disturbed man with a .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun opened fire in a house in Queens, killing his mother, his mother's disabled companion and the disabled man's health care aide. The gunman then killed himself. Sixteen months ago, in the basement of a private home in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, four aspiring rappers, aged 19 to 22, were summarily executed in a barrage of semiautomatic gunfire. Two... (

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United States,Australia

26 April 2007

San Francisco Chronicle, Editorial

The deadliest known gun shooting didn't occur at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., but on April 28, 1996, when Martin Bryant killed 35 people at a popular tourist spot in Tasmania, Australia. The United States could learn from Australia's response to that tragedy. Australian Prime Minister John Howard, an anti-gun control conservative, switched his views. The government banned handguns, and established a buy-back program that removed hundreds of thousands of guns from... (

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United States

26 April 2007

Time (USA), Opinion

Until the massacre at Virginia Tech, the last thing the Democrats wanted was a debate about guns. Convinced that Al Gore lost Tennessee in 2000 partly because of his support for gun control in the primaries, moderate Democrats elected to Congress last November from formerly Republican districts often proclaimed their support for gun owners' rights. And even after the shootings at Blacksburg, it's not obvious that the new Democratic Congress wants to take the political... (

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