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Gun Policy News, 4 April 2007

South Africa

4 April 2007

Business Day (Johannesburg)

CAPE TOWN — In revelations that could further damage SA's international reputation, a top- secret forensic investigation has shown that defence procurement agency Armscor has been selling hundreds of millions of rounds of surplus small arms ammunition into the open market in conflict with government policy. SA has for years been seen as a leader in the crackdown on small arms proliferation, particularly after its voluntary destruction of all land mine stocks and a... (

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4 April 2007

CBC News (Canada)

New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton has urged the federal government to ban private ownership of semi-automatic rifles like those used in the 2006 shootings at Montreal's Dawson College. Layton made the plea at the college Wednesday as he was being enthusiastically hosted by the college's Committee for Gun Control, which formed after Kimveer Gill killed a woman and injured 20 others last September. "I'm here to urge [the government] to keep up the pressure for the... (

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4 April 2007

Canadian Press

QUEBEC — Premier Jean Charest's minority government hopes to pass a new gun-control law when the legislature resumes early next month. "The government can no longer close its eyes to the extremely tragic incidents that have occurred in Quebec over the past years," Public Security Minister Jacques Dupuis said in a news release on Wednesday. "We have to ensure that the laws in place adequately protect the citizens of Quebec." The bill aims to limit to the use of... (

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United Kingdom

4 April 2007

BBC News

A gun enthusiast who supplied three close friends with illegal weapons has been jailed for four-and-a-half years. Retired driving instructor Paul Williams, 60, from Trevor, Denbighshire, admitted dealing in prohibited firearms and ammunition. Mold Crown Court heard he supplied a selection of pistols and even a sub-machine gun converter kit. Judge John Rogers QC said Williams had chosen to "disregard" gun law changes after the 1997 Dunblane massacre. The court... (

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United States

4 April 2007

Ravalli Republic (Montana)

A Ravalli County jury Tuesday found Blaine Fadness guilty on three charges of attempted deliberate homicide for three drive-by shootings south of Darby in September. The 38-year-old Post Falls, Idaho, man admitted to firing at vehicles while he was driving south on U.S. 93 near Sula and hitting Kaye Fixsen and vehicles owned by Pete Franks and Chuck Lee. "I didn't mean to shoot anybody," Fadness said on the stand. "I didn't mean to hurt anybody at all." Fadness... (

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United States

4 April 2007

Miami Herald

Considering how badly things have been going for conservatives, right-wingers, Republicans and anyone else whose brain doesn't explode like one of those guys from the movie Scanners at the thought of another Republican president, it's worth noting that one of the greatest conservative victories of the last 40 years is quietly unfolding right in front of us. On March 9, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued an epochal ruling. The court... (

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United States,United Nations

4 April 2007

Time (USA)

SANTA BARBARA — Ever since the ancient Romans realized their plumbing was giving them gout, lead has been bad news. The plentiful-but-toxic metal has been banned by the federal government in everything from paint and water pipes to food containers and gasoline. And now, one of the poisonous element's last footholds in American culture — the ammunition used by the 25 million people who hunt for sport and food — is being targeted, as states across the country... (

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