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Gun Policy News, 3 April 2007

United States

3 April 2007

Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St Paul), Editorial

It always was understood by everyone but excitable gun-rights advocates that the so-called "conceal-carry" law relaxing permit regulations for concealed weapons was a solution in search of a problem — a great way for the National Rifle Association to plump both its membership list and its treasury but of limited impact, mostly negative, on day-to-day life in Minnesota. Reporter Conrad deFiebre's informative report in the March 30 Star Tribune demonstrated that reality... (

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United States

3 April 2007

Examiner (Washington, DC), Opinion

WASHINGTON — Could the National Rifle Association and its allies in Congress be undermining the best pro-gun case ever likely to be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court? More than four years ago, three attorneys and I filed Parker v. District of Columbia, a Second Amendment case on behalf of six local residents who want to defend themselves in their own homes. For reasons that remain unclear, we faced repeated attempts by the NRA to derail the litigation. Happily,... (

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3 April 2007

Financial Express (India)

The caretaker government (CG) has adopted measures to trace and recover about 10,000 missing firearms, reports Meanwhile, possessors of around 2,500 pistols and revolvers have been traced and legal proceedings will soon be drawn against them under the Arms Act, a Home Ministry source said. The government first noticed the anomalies in the firearms statements during 'Operation Clean Heart' launched by the then alliance government. Despite the... (

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3 April 2007

Kenya Times, Opinion

The grave loopholes that promote acquisition of small arms to illegal ownership were on Wednesday last week brought to the fore in a workshop held in Nairobi. The scenario that portends looming danger for Kenyans in the hands of armed and violent gangsters became the hallmark of the deliberations with the minister for Internal Security John Michuki being accused of being slow in implementing an earlier drawn recommendations that would have since started bearing fruits... (

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