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Gun Policy News, 1 April 2007

United States

1 April 2007

Billings Gazette (Montana), Letter

I am not surprised by the NRA and the other responses to Jim Zumbo's remarks on assault weapons. I would like to respond to Zumbo by saying well done and nicely said. As a landowner, I allowed hunters on my land for deer and antelope. About 1994, I gave a man permission to come out and hunt deer. When I arrived, I found he had invited eight other friends and relatives, one of which carried an assault rifle. Needless to say, after the ensuing fiasco and property damage,... (

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United States

1 April 2007

WLBZ-TV News (Maine)

Public safety spokesperson Steve McCausland said he doesn't know how James "Mike" Peters got the guns used in Friday's standoff in Auburn. But McCausland said police believe all the guns in the Peters' home were obtained legally. That fact concerns both police and gun control advocates, who say it's much too easy to buy assault weapons in Maine. Those who favor gun rights, meanwhile, believe there's no reason to change current law. Right now, anyone looking to buy a... (

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1 April 2007

Canadian Press

MONTREAL — Provinces don't have the mental health resources to prevent tragedies like the shooting spree at a Montreal college last fall, say internal federal briefing documents. A draft report prepared for Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day after the shootings at Dawson College last September questions whether the mental health system could be tapped to detect and prevent violence involving mental illness. The discussion and any conclusions have been purged... (

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1 April 2007

Tribune (Chandigarh)

CHANDIGARH — Two colonels and a junior commissioned officer (JCO) are to be tried by general court martial (GCM) for alleged misappropriation of ammunition worth about Rs 20 lakh while their respective units were deployed in the Kargil sector over the past few years. The said misappropriation came to light when large quantities of small-arms ammunition was found on the banks of the Indus near Dah in Jammu and Kashmir on August 20, 2005. The Army had ordered a court... (

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United States

1 April 2007

South Coast Today (Massachusetts)

How hard is it to get a firearms license in Massachusetts? Police say not terribly, as long as you don't have a criminal record. Local police departments issue permits to any applicants who meet the base qualifications, pass a safety course and pay a $100 fee. There are three types of firearms licenses, each of which must be renewed every six years. All of them allow holders to purchase an unlimited number of guns, as long as they are legal firearms and fit within the... (

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United States

1 April 2007

Standard-Times (Massachusetts)

DARTMOUTH — As the sun set outside the Rod and Gun Club of New Bedford, members of the Action Pistol Committee gathered in its basement range, inspecting their firearms and unpacking ammunition onto a table. At the other end of the room stood three targets, separated by two placards with handprints painted on them. Those represented "bystanders," and one of the challenges was to avoid hitting them. Action Pistol combines the need for speed, accuracy and the ability... (

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1 April 2007

Agence France Presse

NAIROBI — A rise in illegal arms trafficking has deepened insecurity fears in Kenya, already struggling to overcome its image as a crime-ridden country plagued by terrorism threats. Once considered a relative island of stability amid regional conflicts in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa, Kenya has suffered deadly terrorist attacks, in 1998 and 2002, ongoing tribal conflicts and a crime wave that claimed 50 lives in January alone. Estimates of the number of... (

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United States

1 April 2007

Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Editorial

Every business has the right to establish workplace guidelines. Maybe you hate to wear ties. You loathe getting up at 6 a.m. You can't sip a beer during lunch. And you can't park your car with a gun in the glove compartment or trunk. But some folks in Tallahassee are trying to undermine the rights of businesses to establish reasonable rules. They are waving the Second Amendment in the hopes of passing legislation that would allow employees to pack guns to... (

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