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Gun Policy News, 9 January 2007

United States

9 January 2007

Boston Globe, Editorial

Boston mayor Thomas Menino is looking for any lever that might help police reduce gun violence in the city. But his latest proposal to strip driver's licenses from those convicted of gun crimes seems a bit naive. If a mandatory 18-month jail sentence for carrying an unlicensed gun doesn't dissuade people from toting weapons, why would a license suspension or revocation? Menino is taking a national leadership role in the fight against gun crime. He's on the prowl for... (

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United States

9 January 2007


BOSTON — Boston, facing a spike in gun violence and murders, will press the new Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives to come up with tougher national gun laws, Boston's mayor said on Tuesday. Thomas Menino, who has led a nationwide campaign against inner-city gun violence, said he would meet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California in Washington this month to push for stricter gun laws. "We need to convince Congress to pass common sense gun laws — laws... (

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9 January 2007

Asharq Alawsat (Yemen)

SANAA, Asharq Al-Awsat — Yemeni authorities are currently seeking to restrict the spread of arms in the country, in fear of weapons falling into the hands of terrorist networks such as Al Qaeda for example. Last year, Yemeni authorities discovered that weapons belonging to the Yemeni Ministry of Defense had reached members of Al Qaeda who attacked the American consulate in Jeddah in 2005. However there are many obstacles in the way of controlling the arms trade in... (

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United States

9 January 2007

Buffalo News (New York)

As a candidate, Andrew Cuomo called for the creation of a statewide panel of mayors and county executives to slow the flow of illegal guns into New York State. As the state's new attorney general, Cuomo came to Buffalo Monday and asked Mayor Byron W. Brown to join in that effort. "You can't leave it to the city alone to fight this fight," Cuomo said at a City Hall news conference. "A lot of the problem is coming from downstate, believe it or not." Cuomo, a... (

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9 January 2007

World Politics Watch, Web Page

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — For the cool price of $555, Lan Kosal will escort a client to a remote location in the Cambodian countryside to blow up a cow with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, a grizzly form of entertainment popular among some backpackers visiting this poor Southeast Asian nation. The use of the Soviet-era launcher and its artillery is the relatively inexpensive part of the package, said Lan. "The real cost is the cow. You have to buy it before we let... (

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