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Gun Policy News, 8 January 2007


8 January 2007


NEW DELHI — Controversial Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MP from Siwan, Mohammad Shahabuddin, has no reason to be happy. The Supreme Court on Monday slammed Shahabuddin, who is seeking bail in a case related to the possession of arms and ammunition. News agency PTI quoted the decision of the SC which said the case was not a normal case of keeping firearms. "There was a telescopic device, bulletproof jackets etc," PTI quoted a bench comprising Justices G P Mathur and L... (

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United States

8 January 2007

Deseret Morning News (Utah)

Many Utah residents are at odds with the state's highest court over whether concealed guns should be allowed on university campuses, and state leaders may try to appease both sides during this year's Legislature. Although the Utah Supreme Court struck down a University of Utah gun ban this fall, a new statewide poll shows the majority of 400 respondents think concealed weapons permit holders should not be allowed to carry guns on campus, particularly in residence halls... (

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