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Gun Policy News, 6 January 2007

New Zealand

6 January 2007

New Zealand Press Association

The decision to arm Napier detectives with pistols for the three days leading up to Christmas has been criticised by the Green Party — but police say they would wear sidearms "at any time" if the circumstances required it. The Green Party said yesterday that wearing sidearms openly as a deterrent went against the philosophy of having an unarmed police force. But Inspector Kevin Kalff of Napier disagreed, saying that, since detectives began patrolling commercial... (

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Puerto Rico,United States

6 January 2007

Associated Press

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Seven people were killed in shootings across Puerto Rico on Saturday, prompting the U.S. territory's police chief to plead for tougher gun laws. The violence included a drive-by shooting of a minivan outside a fast-food restaurant in a San Juan suburb. Two men, ages 18 and 24, were killed and two people were injured, police said. The other shootings were reported in several towns around Puerto Rico, marring the Caribbean island's Three Kings... (

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United States

6 January 2007

Morning News (Arkansas)

FAYETTEVILLE — Hollis Wayne Fincher had been sparring with the federal government for several years before his arrest in November on charges he possessed illegal machine guns. Fincher said in a March interview with The Morning News he believes Americans should proudly uphold the right to bear arms, stand up for land rights and not always accept the federal government as the supreme law of the land. Fincher's arrest was the result of what federal agents said was an... (

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