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Gun Policy News, 30 June 2006

Vatican,United Nations

30 June 2006

Indian Catholic

Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Vatican's Permanent Observer to the United Nations on Thursday addressed the UN Review Conference in New York on the illegal trade of small arms and light weapons. Here is the text of his speech. All of us here have a great responsibility, born of the awareness that the outcome of this meeting may well have a long term impact upon a process which, since 2001, has given a strong initial impulse to the new international small arms and... (

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United Nations,United States

30 June 2006

Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St Paul), Editorial

Mikhail Kalashnikov is feeling more than a little sorry. Inventor of the AK-47 assault rifle, the 86-year-old retired Red Army general never dreamed the weapon would fall into the hands of "aggressors, terrorists and all kinds of criminals." But that's just what has happened: As many as 100 million AK-47s are now in circulation — most in the hands of thugs. How can this be? That's a question being asked this week and next at a U.N. forum on "small arms" — the... (

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United States,United Nations

30 June 2006

Town Hall (USA), Opinion

It seems to be getting quiet at the United Nations. Oh, the delegates are still speaking, but on Thursday much of the discussion moved behind closed doors. It's funny, actually. Every anti-gun delegate or activist talks about the need for "transparency" in firearms ownership, but those running the gun summit don't seem that interested in transparency for what they're doing. A few more countries gave their opening statements on Thursday. The representative from the... (

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United States,United Nations

30 June 2006

US Info / US State Department (Washington, DC), Media release

WASHINGTON — The United States continues to make progress against the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons and against land mines, according to the State Department. In a June 29 fact sheet, the department's political-military affairs bureau detailed U.S. actions taken since 2001 to implement the U.N. action program to combat the trade of illicit small arms and light weapons. A review conference on the issue began at the United Nations in New York on June 26... (

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30 June 2006

Vanguard (Lagos)

ABUJA — President Olusegun Obasanjo, Thursday challenged the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) to redouble its commitment on intelligence service by combating small arms proliferation as well as checking the activities of Militia groups. He also tasked the Agency to assist his administration in checking the pervasive corruption in the country as well as economic and financial crimes and religious extremism which he said are exerting great impact on global and... (

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United States

30 June 2006

Jersey Journal (New Jersey)

The Jersey City City Council has adopted an ordinance limiting individuals to one handgun purchase every 30 days despite protests from gun supporters and members of the National Rifle Association, who vowed a court challenge. During a public hearing Wednesday night, a number of speakers objected to ordinance, including Frank Caso, the only licensed gun dealer in Jersey City. Caso said many of his customers from other municipalities would fall under the restrictions.... (

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South Africa

30 June 2006

Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg)

The illegal automatic firearms wielded by criminals in Sunday's Jeppestown, Johannesburg, shootout have thrown a frightening spotlight on the hundreds of thousands of illegal weapons in circulation in South Africa. Although the South African Police Services have recovered more illegal firearms than those lost or stolen in the past six years — 170 000 compared to 138 000 — researchers believe 95% of the country's illegal weapons remain at large. After the shootout... (

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United States,Vatican

30 June 2006

Catholic World News (Virginia)

An American Catholic group has issued a strong protest against Vatican support for gun-control efforts. The St. Gabriel Possenti Society, a Virginia-based organization devoted to protecting the individual's right to self-defense, criticized statements by Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Holy See's representative at the UN, endorsing "the promotion of disarmament" and calling for stiffer international controls on the sale and possession of firearms. John Snyder,... (

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30 June 2006

Hamilton Spectator (Ontario), Column

You could understand if Coalition for Gun Control founder Wendy Cukier, coming home after a hard day's work as Associate Dean at Ryerson University's Faculty of Business, hesitates before checking her voicemail. Especially if there has been a shooting the media quoted her about, in which case she can expect three or four hate messages. Like these three, quoted verbatim, some expletives deleted: Message 1: "Wendy you can eat my *#!@ right out of the toilet you... (

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United States

30 June 2006

Denver Post (Colorado)

WASHINGTON — Gun-control groups erupted in anger at Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Colo., Thursday after she sponsored an amendment that deleted funding for the federal trigger-lock law. Musgrave called the trigger lock law "burdensome." She told the House on Wednesday that "trigger locks do not stop gun crimes or accidental shootings." "Lawn mowers can be dangerous," Musgrave argued. "Should we mandate that all lawn mowers be sold with a blade lock?" "Many things... (

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United States

30 June 2006

Boston Globe

BOSTON — The state's highest court ruled Friday that gun owners may be negligent for shootings with their stolen firearms in specific situations, if they fail to properly lock up the weapons when they know someone with a history of violence has access to them. The Supreme Judicial Court, however, rejected broader firearm liability claims, dismissing the argument that gun owners should be held responsible for harm done with their weapons in all theft cases. The... (

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United States

30 June 2006

Contra Costa Times (California)

A federal appeals court in San Francisco on Friday reversed its earlier decision concerning homemade machine guns, basing its new opinion on a U.S. Supreme Court medical marijuana ruling. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the federal conviction of Robert Stewart of Mesa, Ariz., for illegal possession of five homemade machine guns. He is currently serving a five-year sentence for the crime. In its 2003 ruling, the court said Stewart did not violate federal... (

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30 June 2006

News 5 TV (Belize City)

Five people are in police custody tonight following the confiscation of several high powered weapons from the streets of Belize City. According to authorities, on Monday an anonymous tip led them to an area in St. Martin's de Porres, where officers found an AK-47 hidden in an abandoned lot. While no one was arrested in that incident, a police patrol on Linda Vista Street had better luck. They stopped two young men throwing an object away and after detaining the... (

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United States

30 June 2006

Associated Press

TOPEKA — In a state where guns have been a part of life since frontier days, Kansas residents finally have a law allowing them to pack a pistol. The days of shootouts in cowtowns like Abilene and Dodge City are part of Old West history, but for many, owning a gun remained as much a right as owning land. Yet, until this year, Kansas was one of the few states banning citizens from carrying a hidden gun, although in some parts of the state, having a pistol stashed in... (

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