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Gun Policy News, 11 June 2006

United Kingdom

11 June 2006

Telegraph (UK)

The National Firearms Register promised by the Government in the aftermath of the Dunblane massacre has been condemned as "fundamentally flawed and not fit for purpose". An internal police report describes the database, intended to carry information on everybody who has applied for a gun licence, as unworkable. The scathing criticism makes a mockery of the upbeat assessment of the register by Charles Clarke, the former home secretary sacked over the foreign criminals... (

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United States

11 June 2006

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)

Mayor Bob O'Connor recently joined other mayors in a national campaign aimed at reducing gun violence. "There are too many illegal guns, not just in our city, but throughout the country," he said. "This is a national problem and must be addressed at a national level." But that's not easy when the federal agency that monitors gun trafficking can't share all it knows because of restrictions approved by Congress that are intended, in part, to shield gun dealers from... (

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United States

11 June 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer, Column

In New York City, Mayor Mike Bloomberg has declared war on handgun violence. Last month, the popular Republican incumbent convened a summit of the nation's big-city mayors (including Mayor Street) to press for changes in handgun laws. One week ago, he announced he was suing 15 firearm dealers — including two in Pennsylvania — for aiding and abetting straw purchasers. On Wednesday, Bloomberg proposed a series of local ordinances, including one that would limit... (

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United States

11 June 2006

Palm Beach Post (Florida)

A Tequesta grandmother takes a handgun to her knitting club. A 25-year-old bookkeeper from The Acreage brings her .38-caliber revolver on grocery trips. A Juno Beach real estate agent straps on a snub-nosed Smith & Wesson when he gives house tours. From Boca Raton to Belle Glade, thousands more law-abiding folks leave home each morning with firearms of their own. You might not notice without a metal detector, but Palm Beach County is packing heat like never before: In... (

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United States

11 June 2006

Boston Globe

BOGOTÁ — Guns for peace may sound like an oxymoron, but César López has a vision. Why not transform a tool of war into an instrument for peace? The 32-year-old conservatory-trained musician was looking for ways to use music as an antidote to the violence in this war-ravaged country. While playing outside a Bogotá social club to commemorate victims shortly after a 2003 terrorist bomb attack there, Lopez noticed that a soldier standing guard was holding a rifle in... (

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United States

11 June 2006

Orlando Sentinel (Florida)

Michael Brady didn't think about his rights when he shot and killed a stranger in his front yard. He says he was just scared. Brady is one of at least 13 people in Central Florida who pulled the trigger this year under a new law that loosens restrictions on the use of deadly force in self-defense. They killed six men and wounded four more. All but one of the people shot were unarmed. So far, three of the shooters have been charged. Five have been cleared; the other... (

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