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Gun Policy News, 8 June 2006

United States

8 June 2006

Palm Beach Post (Florida)

TALLAHASSEE — Gun advocates, one of the most powerful lobbies in the nation, scored six out of seven wins this legislative session, including new laws that will allow guns in state parks, make it easier for hunters and fishermen to register to vote and make the names of concealed weapons permit holders secret. Gov. Jeb Bush signed the six bills into law in a private ceremony, accompanied by gun rights powerhouse Marion Hammer and Hammer's granddaughter, Kayla, who... (

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8 June 2006

Calgary Sun (Alberta)

OTTAWA — Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day plans to table legislation this month to kill the long-gun registry, and he's confident a majority of MPs will vote to abolish the program. "I would like to have that legislation on the table in front of you this month … and time for parliamentarians to look at it and time for us to consult with others who may, through any of you, suggest improvements," Day told the Commons public safety and national security committee... (

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South Africa

8 June 2006

South African Press Association

Draft legislation to refine the controversial Firearms Control Act was tabled in Parliament on Wednesday. Among other things, the amendment bill extends the validity of certain firearm licences and does away with automatic disqualification to own a gun when an admission of guilt fine is paid. According to a memorandum attached to the bill, it will require a person who holds an occasional hunter or sports-shooting licence to belong to an accredited hunting or... (

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United States

8 June 2006

New York Times

Andrew M. Cuomo, a leading Democratic candidate for state attorney general, released proposals yesterday to reduce gun violence and to hold gun manufacturers accountable for certain acts that involve their products. One proposal would require the microstamping of guns to help law enforcement agencies track illegally obtained weapons. He also called for a statewide coalition of mayors and county executives to stop the flow of illegal... (

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8 June 2006

Expatica (Brussels)

BRUSSELS — Tighter gun control legislation comes into force on Friday following its accelerated passing through the Belgian Parliament after the Antwerp racist murders. "From tomorrow, no single weapon will be free to purchase," Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx said on Thursday. It means simply being an adult and showing ID will not be deemed sufficient in future. Instead, potential gun owners will undergo a three-month practical and theoretical procedure coupled... (

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United States

8 June 2006

Orlando Sentinel (Florida)

TALLAHASSEE — It may have been the rockiest session in memory for the National Rifle Association, but the powerful pro-gun group still got almost everything it wanted. Gov. Jeb Bush on Wednesday signed a package of six NRA-backed bills passed this spring by the Republican-controlled Legislature, including a measure (HB 687) that makes personal information about people who carry concealed weapons exempt from the state's public-records laws. "By anyone's standard, it... (

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8 June 2006


The Swiss Senate has come out in favour of slightly stricter rules for purchasing and keeping firearms, but a significant tightening of the law was not on the table. It supported a ban on offering weapons anonymously through advertising or on the internet but the draft falls short of introducing a central database of all weapons in circulation. If supported by the House of Representatives, the legislation would include baseball bats, soft air guns and bicycle chains... (

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8 June 2006

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / HINA, Transcript

An international arms-smuggling ring has been broken and 10 persons have been arrested in the police operation Trigger on suspicion that they manufactured and processed for a longer period of time various types of pistols, revolvers, automatic pistols and machine guns in an illegal factory in Novi Golubovec, a town in northwestern Croatia near the border with Slovenia. The 10 arrested Croatian citizens were escorted to an investigating judge and the Office for the... (

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8 June 2006

IRIN (UN News)

OSH, Kyrgyzstan — The spread of small arms in Kyrgyzstan has become a growing concern for government officials and law enforcement agencies responsible for combating rising crime in the Central Asian state. "The problem is clear: illegal proliferation of small arms has a tendency to grow. This becomes a threat to public order and results in the growth of criminal incidents and assassinations," said Col. Ravshan Abdukarimov, deputy chief of staff at the Kyrgyz... (

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United Kingdom

8 June 2006

BBC News

A woman who shot her husband dead as she danced to a Shania Twain song has been convicted of his murder. Linda West, 49, said she was drunkenly dancing to the song, Man! I Feel Like A Woman, when the shotgun went off. But the prosecution said West had loaded up the gun and deliberately shot Gregory West, 45, at their Southampton flat in May last year. West was found guilty by a jury on Thursday after a two-and-a-half week trial at Winchester Crown Court. Shot in... (

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South Africa

8 June 2006

Cape Times (Cape Town)

The long awaited Firearm Control Amendment Bill has been tabled in parliament despite strong opposition. Among other amendments, the bill seeks to extend the period of licences held by those dealing in firearms. It has also taken a more lenient approach to firearm collectors, no longer limiting their stock. But it does require that all "prohibited" and "restricted" firearms in the possession of registered collectors be made inoperable. Assistant commissioner of the... (

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