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Gun Policy News, 22 February 2006

New Zealand

22 February 2006

New Zealand Herald

Police Minister Annette King has defended a gun-safety conference against claims that it had been infiltrated by the pro-gun lobby. Ms King was last night to open the three-day seminar in Christchurch, which features guest speakers from around the world. But Green MP Keith Locke — the party's police spokesman — criticised the choice of speakers at the event, which he said included five anti-gun-control lobbyists. He said the seminar was a thinly-veiled attempt... (

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New Zealand

22 February 2006

Radio New Zealand / Morning Report

Police Minister Annette King is denying accusations that a conference on firearms safety co-hosted by the police, is a stalking horse for pro-gun lobbyists. Ms King opened the seminar in Christchurch last night. The Green Party claims it is a guise to allow a large contingent of pro-gun lobbyists to push their views in New Zealand. Green MP, Keith Locke, says the line-up is unusual for what is supposed to be a forum on safety. At least five of the keynote... (

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New Zealand

22 February 2006

TVNZ News (New Zealand)

New Zealand Police are facing criticism for their involvement in an international conference on gun safety. The Green Party claims the conference is a guise to allow a large contingent of pro-gun lobbyists to push their views in New Zealand. Green MP Keith Locke says at least five of the keynote international speakers have publicly argued against restrictions on the use of firearms and represent firearm manufacturers or pro-gun lobby groups. Locke says the line-up is... (

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22 February 2006

Courier-Mail (Brisbane)

Gun ownership is on the rise in Queensland with evidence the tough restrictions introduced after the Port Arthur massacre nearly a decade ago are losing their effectiveness. Despite bans on certain types of weapons and a successful buyback and amnesty, police figures show there are more firearms in the community now than three years ago. Police Minister Judy Spence yesterday foreshadowed possible changes to the Weapons Act, to be reviewed this year, saying she was... (

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New Zealand

22 February 2006

Radio New Zealand

The convener of the Mountain Safety Council's firearms committee has rubbished claims a gun safety conference underway in Christchurch is a forum for pro-gun lobbyists. The conference is being co-hosted by the police. Green Party MP Keith Locke says five keynote speakers at the conference are prominent pro-gun lobbyists and has questioned how giving them a platform for their hardline views promotes safety. But Jack McConchie says if it was a pro-gun lobby, he and the... (

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United States

22 February 2006

NewStandard (New York)

As some states consider expanding the right to use deadly force in self-defense, a group of gun-control advocates yesterday asked Michigan lawmakers to defeat a bill that would eliminate people's legal "duty" to avoid a threat to oneself by walking away or seeking refuge. Instead, people would be allowed to use lethal force against anyone they can later demonstrate they believed was threatening their life. Yesterday's hearings on state senate Judiciary Committee,... (

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New Zealand

22 February 2006

Radio New Zealand / Checkpoint

Tighter gun laws in New Zealand have had a dramatic impact on the number of people who kill themselves with a firearm, with a 40 percent drop in this form of suicide. Prior to changes in 1992, guns were used in 20 percent of suicides. That figure is now around 8 percent, compared to 60 percent in the United States. The New Zealand gun laws are now the envy of American suicide prevention workers. Dr Annette Beautrais, a suicide researcher at the Canterbury Suicide... (

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United States

22 February 2006

Sacramento Bee (California)

SAN FRANCISCO — On Thursday morning, a lawyer with the city attorney's office will try to convince a judge that a voter-passed initiative banning handguns and restricting other firearms is allowed by state law. But save the four members of the Board of Supervisors who placed it on the ballot last November, the ordinance appears to have few prominent friends, even among national gun control advocates. Mayor Gavin Newsom all but disowned it just before Election Day.... (

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United States

22 February 2006

Decatur Daily (Alabama) / AP

MONTGOMERY — The Alabama House voted Tuesday to expand the instances when a person can use deadly force to protect his or her home or automobile. The House voted 97-2 in favor of the bill, just three weeks after the legislation had appeared stymied in a filibuster led by black lawmakers who complained that it would give people "a license to kill." But the sponsor, Rep. Albert Hall, D-Gurley, and the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Marcel Black,... (

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United States

22 February 2006

New Britain Herald (Connecticut) / Journal Register News Service

HARTFORD — Cutbacks in law-enforcement funding and new federal restrictions on investigative information appear to be adding to confusion in Connecticut over the source of guns being used in a new wave of urban crime. State and local officials admitted last week that they don't know where all the guns are coming from that are being used in what some called an "epidemic" of violent crime in cities around the state. However, the state does have a special task force... (

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United States

22 February 2006

Philadelphia Daily News, Editorial

Last year we warned that we would name the names of elected officials "who want to keep our streets dangerous by doing nothing" to strengthen state gun laws. Though we've named some major pro-gun players, such as state Rep. Dennis O'Brien, we haven't provided a full accounting on where Philadelphia area lawmakers stand. But the group Men United For a Better Philadelphia has. As dust settles on one-gun-per-month legislation proposed by John Myers in the House (H.B.... (

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United States

22 February 2006

Cincinnati Post (Ohio), Editorial

Those proposing to keep secret the names of the 87,000 gun-owners licensed to carry concealed weapons in Kentucky have it backward. The question on the table isn't "Why does the public want to know?" but "Why shouldn't the public know?" The answers so far haven't been very compelling ones. "None of your business" and "gun rights" and "privacy" are all that we've heard so far in the debate over House Bill 290, which makes all sorts of changes to Kentucky's 10-year-old... (

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United States

22 February 2006

Tampa Bay Business Journal (Florida)

Legislators and business leaders could not reach an agreement on a proposed bill that would have allowed employees to keep firearms in their vehicles at work. A tentative compromise two weeks ago had suggested that house bill 129 was on the track to passage, but Wednesday, a one and a half hour debate led to the bill being temporarily postponed. When it came down to the specific language, no agreement was reached, said Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, who had sponsored... (

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22 February 2006

York Region Newspapers

A dozen of the GTA mayors and regional chairpersons meeting at The Briars Resort in Jackson's Point Friday unanimously endorsed a call for a ban on replica handguns. The move comes after a bylaw forbidding children under 18 from having replica guns in a public place was approved by Scugog Township last month. Penalties include a $150 fine. Scugog Mayor Marilyn Pearce told her colleagues at the meeting the move comes in response to an increasing problem with... (

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