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Gun Policy News, 21 February 2006


21 February 2006

Age (Melbourne)

Armed with a rifle from her husband's gun collection, Claire Margaret MacDonald lay in wait for him in some trees on the couple's central Victorian property on September 30, 2004. She later told police that she wore a camouflage T-shirt and hat, and rubber gloves. She loaded the rifle, which had telescopic sights, with five bullets, and kept a sixth in her pocket. After about 90 minutes, MacDonald saw her husband, Warren, walk to a Land Rover he had apparently been... (

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United Kingdom,Scotland

21 February 2006

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

Police were investigating last night after a man died following an incident in a gun shop. The man had visited Anderson's Guns in Aberdeen when a firearm was discharged. It is believed he shot himself in the head. Police and paramedics rushed to the shop, on the city's Hardgate, but the man, thought to be aged around 40, was pronounced dead at the scene. The shop owner, Neil Anderson, witnessed the incident and was taken away last night by police to be... (

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United Kingdom

21 February 2006

Guardian (UK)

A female police officer killed herself because of a long-standing culture of bullying in an elite firearms unit, a coroner was told yesterday. PC Paula Tomlinson, 35, was found hanged in the home she shared with her policeman husband, Jim Collins, in Birkdale, near Southport, in January 2004. Her family claims she took her life because she was bullied by fellow firearms officers in Merseyside police after she complained that colleagues had watched an adult movie... (

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New Zealand

21 February 2006

NZ Press Association

Green MP Keith Locke is calling on police to explain why several controversial anti-gun control lobbyists will speak at a police-organised gun-safety conference. Police Minister Annette King was to open the conference, named In the Right Hands, in Christchurch last night. It is jointly organised by the Mountain Safety Council and the New Zealand Council of Licensed Firearms Owners. Mr Locke said five prominent pro-gun researchers and lobbyists would speak at the... (

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21 February 2006

Le Droit (Quebec)

[Translated summary: The Opposition Bloc Québecois will strongly oppose repeal of Canada's gun registry. Repeal is the "worst of all options." The writer is MP for Marc-Aurèle-Fortin and Bloc Quebecois critic for public safety]. L'implantation du registre des armes à feu a sans doute coûté beaucoup trop cher, les procédures d'enregistrement sont tatillonnes et inutilement complexes, mais il fonctionne et permet d'atteindre d'importants objectifs de sécurité et... (

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United States

21 February 2006

Lansing State Journal (Michigan) / Capital News Service

If your home is your castle, can you use force — even deadly force — to protect it without getting sued or arrested? The answer would be yes, under legislation to be discussed today at a hearing before a state Senate committee. The bill has sparked debate: The head of the Michigan Sheriffs' Association says the concept raises questions about taking another person's life, and gun-control advocates contend it's too broad and could apply even to bar fights and... (

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United Kingdom,Scotland

21 February 2006

Daily Record (Scotland)

A man shot himself in the face in a horrific incident at a gunshop yesterday. It is understood the man turned up at Anderson's Guns in Aberdeen and asked to look at weapons. A gun then went off while he was handling it. Police and paramedics rushed to the shop in the city's Hardgate. But the man, thought to be around 40, was pronounced dead at the scene. The shop's owner, Neil Anderson, saw the incident and raised the alarm. He was taken away by police to be... (

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21 February 2006

Jamaica Gleaner

The Ministry of National Security yesterday instructed Police Commissioner Lucius Thomas to immediately recall all unused and not-yet-issued firearm licence booklets, as the new independent licensing regime comes into effect. In a statement yesterday, the National Security Ministry said that, effective immediately, the Jamaica Constabulary Force would no longer issue firearm licences and permits. The move came as the Firearm Licensing Authority, first announced by... (

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United States

21 February 2006

Hartford Courant (Connecticut), Editorial

By requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms, lawmakers would be tightening a loophole in state law through which so-called "straw buyers" can purchase guns and then sell them to people prohibited from possessing firearms. State law prohibits Connecticut gun owners from intentionally transferring firearms to people they know or suspect shouldn't have them — including felons, people with a history of violence or mental illness and youths. But proving... (

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21 February 2006

SEESAC (Belgrade) / Kurir / VIP News Service

Citizens of Montenegro, according to official information, have about 103,000 pieces of various weapons, writes Kurir on Tuesday. This number pertains to weapons that have official licenses, but it is estimated that in Montenegro there are currently at least some 40,000 pieces more of unregistered weapons and explosive devices inherited from the past. This information was announced by the coordinator for carrying out the national strategy for control and decrease of... (

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United States

21 February 2006

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

The House approved two bills Monday lowering the legal age to hunt in Utah. Rep. Curtis Oda, R-Clearfield, sponsored both bills at the request of the state Division of Wildlife Resources as a way to collect more hunting fees. HB328 eliminates any age requirement to hunt small game animals such as ducks or turkeys. HB329 drops the age requirement for big game hunting from 14 to 12. In either case, a child would have to pass the hunting written and shooting tests... (

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21 February 2006

Durham Region News (Ontario)

SCUGOG — Municipalities across the Greater Toronto Area may follow Scugog's lead in implementing bylaws that restrict the use of toy handguns by youngsters under 18 if a meeting held late last week is any indication. At a gathering of the GTA's mayors and regional chairs last Friday in the Keswick area, the 10 civic leaders on hand who braved the day's blizzard-like conditions all threw their support behind the idea which originated here in Scugog, says one local... (

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United States

21 February 2006

Norman Transcript (Oklahoma)

While the Oklahoma law that permits employees to bring a firearm to work and leave it in a locked vehicle is stalled in the courts, a similar effort to tie an employer's hands is under way in Florida. The bill would make it a third-degree felony for any employer who prohibits workers from keeping guns in their vehicles on company property. It follows the 2002 search of Weyerhaeuser employees and contractors in Valliant. The National Rifle Association is pushing the... (

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21 February 2006


KAMPALA — Ugandan police on Tuesday said they had arrested a U.S. citizen working with the east African nation's health ministry and may charge him with terrorism after finding assault rifles in his bedroom. It was unclear why Peter Waldron, a 59-year-old IT consultant who had been at the ministry since 2002, had the guns. "He is currently being charged with illegal possession of firearms," police spokesman Assuman Mugenyi said. "But the director of public... (

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