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Gun Policy News, 19 February 2006

United States

19 February 2006

Washington Post

RICHMOND — Midway through the Virginia legislative session, the House of Delegates has sent to the state Senate a series of bills that would make it easier for residents to acquire and carry guns, including a measure that would prohibit companies from banning guns in their parking lots. The exercise is an annual ritual, as supporters of gun rights urge less restrictive and, they say, more uniform state rules, and opponents counter that their proposals would endanger... (

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United States

19 February 2006

Angus Reid Polls & Research / Rasmussen Reports

Many adults in the United States believe the current regulations regarding firearms are adequate, according to a poll by Rasmussen Reports. 52 per cent of respondents believe the U.S. does not need stricter gun control laws. The U.S. Constitution's second amendment guarantees Americans the right "to keep and bear arms." Some American states have enacted their own gun control regulations, independent of existing federal legislation. A Republican-initiated gun... (

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United States

19 February 2006

Time (USA) cover story

The delicate and the dangerous meet in the ranch lands of South Texas. In the winter, quail gather in the soft gold of prairie sedge, but snakes, scorpions and wild-boar-like javelina lurk too. In 1999 a fourth-generation South Texas rancher named Tobin Armstrong testified before Congress that he sometimes found illegal immigrants dead of dehydration in the unforgiving brush of his 49,300-acre ranch. It was there that Vice President Dick Cheney, out with a hunting party... (

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United States

19 February 2006

New Orleans Times-Picayune (Louisiana)

Jo Petty bought her first gun 20 years ago after she was robbed in the drive-through lane at a fast-food restaurant. "After I placed my order, I turned and there was a gun pointed at my head," she said. "I'd never felt so scared or vulnerable in my life." Her husband, Dan Petty, took her to a shooting range, and she bought a handgun that she kept in her Slidell area home. For years, it seemed like enough protection. But then came Hurricane Katrina. Reports of looting... (

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