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Gun Policy News, 18 February 2006

United States

18 February 2006

Boston Herald

Ten Hub men were indicted yesterday on federal gun offenses, the result of one of several sweeping new initiatives to root out firearms and lower crime across the city. Rampant gun violence pushed last year's Boston murder tally to a 10-year high, and an overwhelming majority of the 75 murders were carried out with firearms. Those indicted yesterday include four Dorchester men, three Roxbury men and men from Boston, Randolph and Marlboro. Their ages range from 19 to... (

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United States

18 February 2006

Hutchinson News (Kansas)

Photo: Visitors and others entering Dodge City in 1880, when this photo was taken, couldn't claim ignorance about the local gun laws. 'The carrying of firearms strictly prohibited,' reads the sign atop a water well. Photo Courtesy of The Kansas State Historical Society DODGE CITY — It was the late 1870s, the height of the mythic Wild West, and W.N. Morphy, editor of the Ford County Globe, pondered the presence of guns on Dodge City streets. "An honest man... (

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United States

18 February 2006

Boston Globe

The Boston Police Department is sounding the alarm that a new type of high-powered handgun is on the streets that fires rounds police say can pierce many kinds of bulletproof vests worn by officers. The department issued a safety alert to officers after two men were shot with the gun in Dorchester and Mattapan last week. The alert, obtained by the Globe, warned that the FN Five-Seven handgun fires the bullets at such a velocity that they "will punch through your vest,... (

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