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Gun Policy News, 17 February 2006


17 February 2006

Borneo Bulletin (Brunei)

BINTULU — A 35-year-old man from Kampung Jepak, who had been making shotguns in his residence, was picked up by the police on Monday. Police believed there were at least 12 people who had purchased the guns from the man over the last two years. "We are now appealing to all those shotgun owners to surrender their weapons to the police and assist us in the investigation," said a senior police yesterday. It was also learnt that the police raided a house in Kampung... (

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17 February 2006

Hobart Mercury (Tasmania)

Australia Post is under fire for toughening prohibitions on imports of legal firearm components through international mail services. The move, which will see Australia Post refuse to carry items as harmless as firearm barrels or trigger mechanisms, has angered firearm lobby groups and prompted Lyons Labor MHR Dick Adams to write to the postal carrier for an explanation. Mr Adams said he was concerned that Australia Post had taken it upon itself to stop carrying... (

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17 February 2006

Globe & Mail (Toronto), Opinion

Illegal handguns used by gang members and other criminals are causing untold human misery on our streets. As Prime Minister Stephen Harper begins the task of putting together a federal anti-gun-violence strategy, every source of illegal handguns must be identified and choked off. One way to do that is through a handgun ban. Illegal handguns come from two main sources: They are smuggled into the country or stolen from legal handgun-owners within the country. Several... (

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17 February 2006

Canadian Press

FREDERICTON — The federal Conservative government's pledge to kill the long-gun registry is causing concern in the New Brunswick city of Miramichi where the registry's main processing centre is located. Miramichi Mayor John McKay said Friday more than 200 people work at the firearms registry, and losing those jobs would be devastating for the small city of about 18,000 people. "We all know that the cost of the gun registry went crazy, but the money wasn't spent in... (

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17 February 2006

Winnipeg Sun (Manitoba)

Manitoba Tory MP Inky Mark has taken aim at the federal gun registry. But he's under fire from some New Brunswick politicians who are bothered by his reaction to the fact scrapping the agency would slash more than 100 jobs in an economically depressed community. Mark, who represents Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette, doled out a press release praising his party's plan to quash the infamous organization this week. In a Sun interview following that publication, he said... (

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United States

17 February 2006

Chicago Tribune

A Southwest Side man was charged Thursday with 276 counts of possession of unregistered firearms, police said. James R. Patrick, 63, was arrested Wednesday morning after police found about 300 handguns, shotguns and rifles in his home in the 3700 block of West 62nd Place, plus several thousand rounds of ammunition. The charges against Patrick are misdemeanors, Officer Kristina Schuler said. Of the counts, some are for failure to register a firearm, some are for... (

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17 February 2006

CBC News (Canada)

The mayor of Miramichi is angry about the federal government's efforts to kill the gun registry. John McKay said if program is shut down, it will mean the loss of nearly 200 good jobs in the city. The Conservative government formed a committee this week to figure out the best way to end the registry, a program that costs Canadians $90-million a year. But McKay wants to know what the Tories will bring to Miramichi to replace those jobs. He said the community will not... (

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17 February 2006


MEXICO CITY — Wracked by violent drug crime and too poor to arm its police properly, the Mexican state of Guerrero is seeking a $24 million bank loan to buy more guns and security equipment. The local government plans to use the credit, approved by its Congress, to get guns, communications gear and police cars for the most cash-strapped parts of Guerrero, one of Mexico's poorest states, the state government said on Friday. "We want to seek a credit line to acquire... (

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17 February 2006

Edicion Nacional (Argentina) / Télam

[Translated summary: A Buenos Aires police officer used his pistol to kill his girlfriend, then himself, in a McDonald's. This was the 6th such incident involving police in 8 weeks]. Un oficial de la Policía Federal le disparó a su pareja, una cadete de la escuela de policía, y luego se quitó la vida de un tiro en la sien. Hubo escenas de pánico. Un joven oficial de la Policía Federal asesinó ayer a su novia, cadete de la Escuela de Policía Ramón L.... (

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