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Gun Policy News, 15 February 2006

United States

15 February 2006

Sydney Morning Herald

NEW YORK — When there is a national emergency, reporters are told that Dick Cheney is in a secure location. It may be secure for him, but it's obviously not so safe for his companions. The one advantage for his companions is that the US Vice-President, who has a history of heart problems, is accompanied by medical personnel. So, say he accidentally shoots you, then medical assistance is at hand. The friendly-fire incident in which he accidentally shot his... (

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United Kingdom

15 February 2006

Telegraph (UK), Editorial

The shooting in Nottingham of a probationary woman police officer, Rachael Bown, reinforces the impression of a loss of control by the authorities over illegal handguns. Her wounding comes just three months after the murder of another policewoman, Sharon Beshenivsky, during a robbery in Bradford. The irony of the epidemic of gun crime in Britain is that it comes at a time when those who legally hold firearms are more policed and regulated than ever before. The... (

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United States

15 February 2006

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia), Column

First, Del. Jack Reid accidentally shoots an unoccupied flak jacket inside Capitol Square. Then Vice President Dick Cheney blasts a 78-year-old lawyer buddy while quail hunting. What is this, stupid-gun-tricks year? Some other questions: How often are people with Virginia concealed-carry permits involved in firearm accidents? Probably not many, but no one knows for sure. Unless a criminal charge is filed, accidents such as Reid's don't raise red flags with the... (

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United Kingdom,Scotland

15 February 2006

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

Scotland's police officers have voted overwhelmingly against the routine arming of rank and file colleagues despite recent high-profile shootings involving unarmed constables. Instead, the country's 16,000 police have called for more officers to be trained and deployed within firearms units. The survey was carried out by the Scottish Police Federation between November 2005 and January this year, following the fatal shooting of the Bradford police officer Sharon... (

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United States

15 February 2006

Enid News (Oklahoma)

A federal appeals court in Denver ruled it was legal for an Oklahoma company to fire workers who violated company policy by having guns in their vehicle on the plant parking lot. Eight former Weyerhaeuser workers sued the company after they were fired in 2002 from the company's paper mill in Valliant in southeastern Oklahoma. Their firings prompted legislators in 2004 to enact a law that would make it much harder for property owners and employers to ban guns from... (

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15 February 2006

Calgary Sun (Alberta) / CP

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper's promotion of a senior gun registry bureaucrat has put one of his MPs in a tough spot — Gary Breitkreuz once blamed the civil servant for huge cost overruns. "The transition team must have seen something under the hood that I didn't see," the Saskatchewan MP said yesterday of Maryantonett Flumian. Harper gave Flumian additional responsibility in the senior levels of management last week. He named her as associate deputy... (

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15 February 2006

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

The main suspect in a major cross-border gun-trafficking bust is behind bars, but four dozen illegal handguns are still unaccounted for in Ontario, Peel Regional Police said yesterday. Investigators from the Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit (PWEU), Peel police and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) announced that 85 handguns smuggled into Ontario from Kentucky and Ohio over the past two years have been identified. But only 37 of them... (

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15 February 2006

Toronto Star (Ontario)

Police announced yesterday they have dismantled a major gun-running operation that used unique methods to smuggle dozens of handguns from the United States into southern Ontario, including hiding them in DVD players like the one displayed at a news conference at Peel police headquarters. A 29-year-old American living in Toronto faces numerous charges relating to gun trafficking and stands accused of masterminding the operation. Police provided few details but the... (

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15 February 2006

Toronto Sun (Ontario)

BRAMPTON — Semi- automatic handguns hidden inside a DVD player were part of a pipeline pumping weapons into Canada from the US — and most of the guns have not been found, police said yesterday. Cops have seized 37 guns during a two-year investigation but the whereabouts of another 48 firearms smuggled here is unknown. "We don't know at this time but we've drawn a strong linkage that those guns have been brought into the province and they're out there on the... (

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15 February 2006

Globe & Mail (Toronto) / CP

OTTAWA — The Conservative government has created a committee of two cabinet ministers and a backbencher to figure out how best to kill the long-gun registry as soon as possible. Registry critic Garry Breitkreuz, who is working with Justice Minister Vic Toews and Public Security Minister Stockwell Day, said he has been given wide leeway to deal swiftly with the registry. "I wouldn't be fighting for what I'm fighting for if I didn't think that would be the case," the... (

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15 February 2006

CFRA Radio News (Ottawa)

Ottawa's gun amnesty program has exceeded all expectations. The program, which began January 25th and wrapped up February 15th, saw 506 firearms turned in by the public. Over a hundred types of ammunition were turned in, as well. The next step for police trying to curb gun violence in Ottawa is the Gun Crime Stoppers Program — a line people can call to report illegal weapons and firearms being used in criminal activity. That number is... (

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United States

15 February 2006

Nation (USA)

Dick Cheney, who was forced to leave Yale University because his penchant for late-night beer drinking exceeded his devotion to his studies, and who is one of the small number of Americans who can count two drunk driving busts on his record, was doing more than hunting quail on the day that he shot a Texas lawyer in the face. The vice president has admitted that he was drinking on the afternoon of the incident. He claims it was only a beer, according to the transcript... (

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15 February 2006

Independent (UK)

QABATIA — A 15 year old mentally disabled Palestinian boy carrying a broken toy rifle was shot dead by Israeli troops during an arrest operation in the northern West Bank town of Qabatia, near Jenin, yesterday. A Palestinian security officer who saw the boy, Mujahed Al Samadi, struck by a bullet — one of three residents said had been fired at him — said last night that he had been on his own 300 metres from a house on higher ground which was occupied by troops... (

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United States

15 February 2006

Newsday (New York), Column

Just when I'm ready to give up on the Democratic Party as the befuddled servant to a million greedy interest groups, along come the Republicans to show us what cravenness really means. Today's story starts with Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, crime fighter, nominal Republican and formidable enemy of illegal street guns. Since his resounding re-election victory last fall, the mayor has begun to assemble a spirited national gun-control crusade. A noble... (

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United States

15 February 2006

Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Editorial

The National Rifle Association is way off target with a legislative proposal to punish businesses that prohibit employees from keeping firearms in their cars on company property. The NRA argues that employers who prohibit firearms on their property are infringing on the Second Amendment right of their workers to have firearms. That's not true. Workers have rights, but so do employers. Workplace rules that ban firearms on company property do not infringe on the Second... (

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United States

15 February 2006

Knight Ridder / Tribune (USA), Column

When I was a kid hunting quail with my dad and brother in Kansas, Mom would always holler out the door as we left: "And don't shoot each other!" We chuckled about that. But we took hunting safety seriously, and we never shot each other. Vice President Dick Cheney wasn't that fortunate Saturday when he shot and injured one of his fellow hunters on a Texas ranch. I feel bad for Cheney. I can't imagine what that must feel like. But the responsibility for the accident... (

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15 February 2006

Ecumenical News International

NAIROBI — Some church leaders in Kenya are considering petitioning the government to license them to carry firearms following an increase in attacks on priests and churches by armed criminals. At the same time others are afraid that such action breaks ecclesiastical ethics, in a country where owning a gun is a privilege and at a time when many religious leaders are joining a global campaign to rein in small arms. Still, the Rev. Wellington Sanga, the area secretary... (

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15 February 2006

Melville Advance (Saskatchewan)

The systematic dismantling of the controversial long gun registry has begun, says Yorkton-Melville MP Garry Breitkreuz, fulfilling a long standing promise by the party. Breitkreuz, who's forged a national reputation as one of the registry's fiercest critics, says Conservatives are exploring the ways that may be used to kill Bill C-68, brought in by the Liberal government in 1995. The long gun registry portion of the bill has been the target of much criticism —... (

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