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Gun Policy News, 11 February 2006

United States

11 February 2006

News-Journal (Florida), Editorial

Florida's schools struggle at the bottom of national quality rankings. More than 20 percent of working adults don't have health care. The property insurance market is imploding. Yet the Legislature still has time to indulge its obsession for guns, guns, guns and more guns. First is the bait'n'guns bill. Tagged as a measure to broaden voter registration, the bill would require any business that sold fishing or hunting licenses (including big stores like Wal-Mart) to... (

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United States

11 February 2006

Ledger (Florida), Editorial

If the National Rifle Association told Florida lawmakers to squat on their haunches and bark like dogs, a chorus of eager howls would echo from the House to the Senate. No demand by chief NRA Tallahassee lobbyist Marion Hammer — a.k.a. She Who Must Be Obeyed — is too outrageous; from holding police officers criminally liable for the crime of keeping gun ownership records to exempting shooting ranges from water pollution laws. Now Hammer wants to make it a felony... (

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11 February 2006

Daily Monitor (Kampala)

South African experts are in Kampala to destroy illegal firearms still kept in army barracks and police units. The Coordinator of the Uganda National Focal Point on Firearms and Light Weapons, Mr Richard Nabudere, told Daily Monitor on Wednesday that the experts are looking for illegal guns captured from rebels, thugs, terrorists and Karimajong warriors and no longer needed by the State. Police sources said such firearms are dangerous, saying they get back through... (

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11 February 2006

Expatica (Brussels)

BRUSSELS — A Belgian professor has developed a new handgun that he claims can be fired only by its legitimate owner, Belgian newspaper La Derniere Huere said on Wednesday. Professor Jacques Destine, who is based at Liege university, began work on the new firearm the US Justice Department launched a world-wide call for tender asking scientists to develop a 'safe' handgun. The US has a serious problem with firearms. According to the respected US gun-control... (

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