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Gun Policy News, 10 February 2006

United States

10 February 2006

New York Law Journal /

Two months after allowing New York City's lawsuit against the gun industry to proceed, a federal judge in Brooklyn suggested Wednesday the suit might be doomed by language in the appropriations bill passed by Congress last year. In a brief order, Eastern District of New York Judge Jack B. Weinstein ordered the city to explain why its suit should not be dismissed in light of the new legislation, which bars the use of a federal database that tracks firearms as evidence... (

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United States

10 February 2006

Wichita Eagle (Kansas)

TOPEKA — Lawmakers and lobbyists Thursday churned out a series of hypothetical situations where someone might have to kill an intruder or attacker. And while they agreed it would come down to a flash, gut-level decision, they clashed over whether Kansas needs a law making someone who pulls the trigger in self-defense immune from being sued. House Federal and State Affairs Chairman Rep. John Edmonds, R-Great Bend, said House Bill 2577 probably won't be discussed again... (

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United States

10 February 2006

Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Opinion

There's only one way to describe the measure the National Rifle Association wants to jam down the throats of Floridians: Ludicrous. Every business owner in the state should fight this turkey. It would give folks the right to take their guns to work, as long as they keep the weapon locked in the car. The NRA is pushing this in the Florida Legislature this year and in statehouses across the country. Gauge the worth of this bill by the business groups that are opposing... (

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10 February 2006

Toronto Star (Ontario)

A 9mm handgun stolen from a southern Ontario gun collector was involved in the Boxing Day shooting that left 15-year-old Jane Creba dead and six others injured, the Toronto Star has learned. Less than 40 minutes after gunmen opened fire on a crowd of shoppers on Yonge St. on Dec. 26, police seized a Ruger P85 Mark II from two suspects who were arrested at the Castle Frank subway station. The semi-automatic Ruger, bearing the serial number 30324243, had its innocuous... (

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United States

10 February 2006

Baltimore Sun

Mayor Martin O'Malley urged state legislators yesterday to ban assault weapons, something the General Assembly has shied away from for three years running. O'Malley and the bill's sponsor, Del. Neil F. Quinter, a Howard County Democrat, said at an Annapolis news conference that banning the high-powered guns would make Maryland safer. "This isn't about hunting," said O'Malley, a Democratic candidate for governor. "This is about removing high-powered assault weapons... (

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United States

10 February 2006

Ark City Traveller / AP

TOPEKA — Law-abiding Kansans could carry concealed guns under a bill that passed the Senate by enough votes Thursday to override a veto by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who spiked a similar measure two years ago. The 29-11 vote — two more than needed to override the Democratic governor — includes six senators from her party. The question is how many will go against her should she veto the measure. State Sen. Greta Goodwin, D-Winfield, voted against the bill. The bill... (

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United Kingdom,Scotland

10 February 2006

Herald (Scotland)

Mick North sits down in a chair in the middle of a large, cosy room in a town house in the leafy west end of Glasgow. The house belongs to his partner. "She's a private person," he says, quietly, "and I'd prefer to keep it that way." A black-and-white photograph of North with his daughter, Sophie, sits behind him on a wall. Another on the fireplace surround. Poignant reminders of his abject loss. Soberly tailored in a casual shirt and beige trousers, North is an... (

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