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Gun Policy News, 7 February 2006

United States

7 February 2006

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin), Column

Let's see if I've got this straight. The Legislature and Gov. Jim Doyle have just enacted a law that, in order to protect our kids, requires we put them in car booster seats until they're 8 years old or otherwise big enough to fit safely in regular car seats. But once they graduate from the booster seat, it's OK to hand 'em a gun so they can hunt with the big guys? Well, not just yet, thankfully. A bill lowering the hunting age from 12 to 8 made it past the Assembly... (

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7 February 2006

Daily Monitor (Kampala)

KARAMOJA — The Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, has said there are about 30,000 illegal guns in Karamoja sub-region. "We shall use all means to get these guns," Aronda said. "We have come in full swing to fight the lawlessness in region. Rampage of the Karimojong warriors on the people of Teso has to stop." He was speaking at Olilim in Katakwi after commissioning the construction of the 53km road from Olilim to Lake Opeta in Moroto district on... (

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7 February 2006

YNet News (Tel Aviv)

Soldiers didn't see a thing: A total of 40 weapons were stolen from an IDF base about 10 days ago after thieves broke into the base overnight. The story was only cleared for publication Monday. The weapons stolen include eight grenade launchers and 32 assault rifles. At this time Military Police have no leads in the case and estimate the weapons have already been handed over to criminal or terror elements. The theft has been characterized as "one of the most... (

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Sierra Leone

7 February 2006

Awareness Times (Freetown)

The Control Arms Campaign (CAC) has said in a press release that West African Governments must lead the world in opening negotiations on an international Arms Trade Treaty, and commit themselves to converting existing ECOWAS moratorium on the importation and exportation of small arms into a binding convention. According to the release, the push for the arms trade treaty comes at a time when the United Nations is wrapping up its first major review of small arms controls... (

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United States

7 February 2006

San Jose Mercury News (California) / AP

LOS ANGELES — When Jennifer San Marco sold her California condo and resettled in New Mexico, she left behind more than a reputation for racist slurs and irrational behavior. When she crossed the border, she could buy a gun. Authorities said San Marco used a 9 mm Smith & Wesson she bought in New Mexico to kill six postal workers, a former neighbor and herself in Santa Barbara County. She had been prohibited from buying a firearm in California for five years after... (

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7 February 2006

Toronto Star (Ontario)

Ontario should have the right to ban handguns even if other provinces don't, Premier Dalton McGuinty said yesterday. "I think in an ideal world we'd have a national gun culture which was opposed to handguns everywhere, but failing that, then let us run with it here in the province of Ontario," he told reporters. While the province can urge its crown attorneys to press for tougher sentences in cases involving guns, it does not have the authority to impose a ban and... (

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United States

7 February 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer, Opinion

As politicians in Harrisburg consider legislation to deter violence near schools and limit handgun sales, the killings continue in Philadelphia. By Thursday, there had been 31 homicides, many involving handguns. Last year, 380 people were slain, more than 300 of them victims of gun violence. The number of people shot and wounded is even higher: about 1,600 people a year. Since 2001, more than 6,300 people have been injured. Several measures are pending in Harrisburg.... (

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7 February 2006

Interfax-AVN (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey)

MOSCOW — The total of over 430,000 pieces of small arms and about two million rounds of ammunition were confiscated in airports of Russia since 1991 during passenger search, Vladimir Chertok, head of the federal transport security agency, said during the scientific conference organized within the framework of the Security Technologies international forum opened in Moscow Tuesday. "For 15 years over 1 million attempts were prevented of bringing unauthorized items and... (

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