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Gun Policy News, 5 February 2006

United States

5 February 2006

San Antonio Express-News (Texas), Column

The Texas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is unhappy about last Thursday's column concerning the state's new gun-toting law. I know this because of an e-mail exchange I had with chapter spokesman Scott Henson, who chided: - "Your interpretation of House Bill 823 relies on an analysis by a handful of prosecutors who opposed the law, but not the bill language itself." - "It's true that some prosecutors are telling police to keep arresting people …... (

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United States

5 February 2006

Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina)

Jim's Gun Jobbery has reported at least 185 firearms lost or stolen since 2000, according to police and court records. The missing inventory is one reason why federal authorities are trying to revoke the Fayetteville dealer's license. Inspectors have also uncovered a series of paperwork violations at Jim's, according to court records. The store blames the mistakes on a few cases of human error among 4,000 gun transactions each year. But the government's allegations... (

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United States

5 February 2006

Bellevue Leader (Nebraska)

A 57-year-old Bellevue business owner won't be selling guns anytime soon. The man was sentenced Friday after he pled guilty to the knowing sale of a firearm to a prohibited person at Bellevue True Value Hardware. Francis Schram, 57, owns the store at 1008 W. Mission Ave. In June, he and two others were charged on numerous federal counts after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms worked an undercover operation to investigate straw purchases from the store. A... (

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United States

5 February 2006

San Francisco Chronicle, Column

I have joined the NRA. Some well-meaning reader has paid $35 to buy me a one-year membership in the National Rifle Association, no doubt as a remedy for all the misguided, pro-consumer sentiment that's come to characterize this column. (The NRA won't say who bought me the membership, but I'm pretty sure it's one of you because The Chronicle was given as my home address.) So now I can proudly say my name is attached to safeguarding an industry with about $2 billion... (

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5 February 2006

Edmonton Sun (Alberta)

Gun enthusiasts attending a city gun show this weekend are skeptical that Stephen Harper's victory will actually trigger an end to the hated national gun registry. "We're all realists. If there's going to be a change, it's going to be slow," said Al Leander, chairman of the Canadian Historical Arms Society Gun Show committee. Leander gave a thumbs-up gesture to Harper, whose Conservatives won a slender minority government in the Jan. 23 federal election. Harper... (

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United States

5 February 2006

Chicago Sun-Times

Americans with guns in their cars are more likely to engage in "road rage" than unarmed drivers, according to a new study funded by the Chicago-based Joyce Foundation. The Harvard School of Public Health surveyed more than 2,400 people who were asked if they carried a gun in their vehicle at least once in the last year. About 23 percent of those who said "yes" admitted to making obscene gestures while driving — compared with about 16 percent of those who claimed... (

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United States

5 February 2006

Times Argus (Vermont)

BARRE — Vinnie Miragliotta was armed and semi-dangerous on Saturday as he stood on the back steps of the Barre Municipal Auditorium sucking on a cigarette with a Swedish Mauser slung over his shoulder. The antique rifle was harmless — loaded only with a wooden dowel poking out of its polished barrel, with a small square of cardboard duct-taped to the tip. The makeshift sign put Miragliotta's asking price at "$175," and as the Virginia man prepared to duck back into... (

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5 February 2006

Japan Economic Newswire / Kyodo

TOKYO — The National Police Agency has decided to ban the ownership of powerful toy air guns in order to curb incidents involving such guns being remodeled to give them killing power, agency officials said Sunday. The agency will submit legislation to revise the firearm control law to the ongoing Diet session so a violator will face imprisonment of up to one year or a fine of up to 300,000 yen, they said. According to the agency, 165 injury and assault cases... (

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United States

5 February 2006

Washington Post

During an argument with a family friend in a Lexington Park home last week, a blind man picked up a handgun and mistakenly shot his wife, St. Mary's County law enforcement officials said Friday. An argument broke out just after 6 Thursday evening at the home on Rogers Drive shared by Orlandous and Sandra Brooks, police said. The "verbal altercation" was between Orlandous Brooks, 57, who is blind, and a family friend, Darrell Johnson, 44, said Lt. Daniel Alioto of the... (

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United States

5 February 2006

Middletown Journal (Ohio), Opinion

America had a large budget surplus. It was also a time when more than 150 million handguns were in circulation; gunshot wounds were the second-leading cause of death for all persons between the ages of 10 and 35; and more pre-schoolers died of gunshot wounds than police officers, according to the National Vital Statistics Report. The presidential campaign centered on the use of the budget surplus. The other major issue in the campaign was gun control. The budget... (

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5 February 2006

New Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram)

KATHMANDU — Ignoring warnings of possible bankruptcy, Nepal's cash-strapped government has decided to continue with its arms buying from China and Israel, spending at least an additional $20 million. The government recently paid cash worth about $15 million to the Israeli government for ammunition for M-16 rifles. Now it has paid another $10 million for Chinese-made rifles. The new consignment of nearly 25,000 rifles is to reach Kathmandu. The new arms and... (

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